Find Your Way to the Right Outerwear

September 24, 2019

In my favorite scene in the movie Moscow on the Hudson, Robin Williams just wants to buy some coffee.

Newly arrived from Russia, he’s in an American grocery store for the first time, walking by shelf after shelf of colored containers, reading each brand of coffee. In Russia, he was used to getting what was available, and he’s now presented with more choice than he ever imagined.

He reacts as many of us might in his shoes. He faints dead away, right there under the bright fluorescent lights. Choosing the right piece of outerwear can sometimes feel a little like that too.

Psychology calls this the paradox of choice, or choice overload. Customers presented with too many options at once may feel overwhelmed, and less satisfied with their final choice. Framing the choice with a limited set to choose from often leads to a more confident decision and higher levels of satisfaction.

This can affect any choice you make, whether it’s which coffee to buy, which movie to watch, or — you guessed it — which piece of outerwear is best for your particular needs.

This is where SanMar’s new Outerwear Navigator comes in. Our latest catalog includes more than 350 outerwear options to choose from, and we know that there are a lot of decisions to be made when choosing the right one. What level of water resistance do you need? What type of insulation is best? And why exactly would you want a waterproof-breathable membrane?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach – each decision will be made based on factors like where you live and what you’re planning to do with your outerwear.

The Outerwear Navigator makes it simpler by presenting a curated collection, first breaking down our outerwear selection into four featured categories: Fleece, Soft Shells, Insulated and Rainwear. It includes pieces from Eddie Bauer®, OGIO® and Port Authority®. Within each category, the selection is further divided into “Good/Better/Best” tiers. There’s even a back page which defines many common outerwear terms.

Simply put, we created the Outerwear Navigator to help your customers find their way to the right outerwear by presenting them with a guided, streamlined set of options tailored to their needs. No fainting required.

Download the SanMar Outerwear Navigator today.

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