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Outerwear: Features

From face fabric to seam-sealing, learn more about the features you should look for to choose the right piece of outerwear.

Outerwear: Breathability

Determining the right level of breathability can be critical to finding the right outerwear. Learn what to look for when selecting a breathable piece of outerwear for your outdoor adventures.

Outerwear: Water Resistance

Most outerwear is water-resistant to some degree. Find out how you can tell what the right water resistance rating is for you.

District Tee Collections

Learn about the different t-shirt collections available from the exclusive District brand of fashion basics.

What is Denier?

Find out what Denier is, and just what it means when you’re looking at the Denier ratings of a bag.


Learn more about polyester – a smooth, consistent fabric created from synthetic thread – and how it affects the clothes we wear.

EZ Cotton

Learn more about the EZ Cotton family of 100% cotton polos, which are exclusive to the Port Authority brand.


From the world of art to fashion runways to everyday apparel, learn about the history of colorblocking and its influence on modern style trends.

Heat Press

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Screen Printing

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Direct to Garment

Dye Sublimation


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