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14 Ways to Make 14 Days at Home Work for You

So how is working from home going for you? If you’re like me, the new normal of staying inside all day, every day is both a dream come true (No long commute! More time with my wife!) and vaguely upsetting (How many days has it been? Do we have enough coffee to make it through?).

Making the Most of a Virtual Meeting

While meeting with a customer to present new products or ideas is always best done in-person, sometimes, that just isn’t an option. As we all navigate this changing business landscape due to the impacts of COVID-19, many of us are having to shift our norm and get creative in order to keep things moving.

7.5 Tips for Looking Good on a Video Call

You don’t need expensive, studio-quality equipment to look good on a video. In fact, you don’t even need technical knowledge. Here are seven (and a half) tips and hacks to make sure you’re looking your best on video calls.

Livestreaming for Beginners

Social media is current. It’s interactive. It’s live. And it doesn’t get more live than livestreaming. Welcome back to Wrangling Your Social Strategy. This week we will look at live video streaming and how to make it work for your business.

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