Relationships Driven by Authenticity

January 15, 2020

For something that’s supposed to make a business owner’s life easier, digital marketing sure is complicated.

We see multi-million-dollar campaigns competing with a viral hashtag that’s based on current events. It’s never been easier. At the same time, it’s never been harder to run a media campaign or launch a new brand. We’ve traded some of the brick and mortar trust of our parents for the digital footprint that mimics cultural shifts of younger generations.

The expectation with technology is a reduction in lead times for delivered services and the ability to replicate retail designs. This is spurring the on-demand and unique decoration of products in both the everyday retail environment and the promotional industry.

The Millennial generation of YOLO (You Only Live Once) has transitioned into a multi-generational FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). With younger generations valuing experiences, the age of Instagram has allowed influencers and everyday individuals to share and present a “perfect” life on a daily basis. This has opened the door for pop-up shops, shoppable images and specialized merch stores.

Ultimately, consumers want to feel like they can envision their own personal use while sharing in the experience the brand is presenting. This creates a requirement for brands to be authentic, because if they don’t, those Google, Yahoo, Yelp and Amazon reviews will surely tell the world. Keep in mind, peer reviews have become the new measure for the collective community trust.


How do we create that connection? The simplest answer is to be responsive to customer interaction.

Having an About Us page that provides a story that can easily be understood and shared is key. Stories are how communities come together, educate and advance through time (

Sometimes brands drive this messaging by way of cultural icons or catch phrases. Think of all the commercials from your childhood that have a quick catch phrase or image that elicits a memory. Some of mine are: “Just Do It” and “Trix are for kids!”


Authenticity is not only expected, but demanded from consumers today. Many young consumers distrust traditional marketing efforts. Identifying a niche market with a need for an added value will allow entrepreneurs to be authentic with their community. Presenting the “why” or need allows the customer to understand the problem and why your brand is the solution.


We use metrics every day to verify the success of our efforts. Twenty years ago, brands saw conversions in as little as three impressions. Today, it is thought that it can take as many as 12 to 20 impressions before a purchase is made. A multi-channel approach is now required to meet these new demands.

To coax a customer into engagement across multiple channels you want to link your value adds and content through available platforms (website, Facebook, Instagram). The basis point for these efforts starts with collecting emails and providing targeted and personal messaging. This provides a great opportunity to engage with the consumer on a regular basis.

Ultimately – Be you, be authentic and your business relationships will thrive!