Tell Your Story Through Video

July 10, 2018

If you’re not already promoting your business through video, then you probably have a lot of questions about it. Why should I make videos? Isn’t that insanely expensive and time-consuming? What do I do with it once I’ve made it? Who has time for all this video stuff anyway?! Not to worry – here’s the … Continued

3 Marketing Tactics That Can Make a Difference

July 3, 2018

These days it can be a real challenge to know which marketing tools and tactics can actually make a difference to your bottom line. Finding the time and the resources to devote to creating and implementing those marketing strategies can be equally challenging. The good news is that even if you have big dreams and … Continued

How Small Shops Create Big Impact

June 26, 2018

It’s a big world out there, and sometimes it can feel as if your little specialty boutique just doesn’t have the resources to compete against nation-spanning mega-conglomerates. But just because you run a small shop, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a big impact. Let’s look at a few ways you can set yourself apart … Continued

Our Newest Guide for Outfitting Schools, Teams and their Biggest Fans

June 19, 2018

School’s out for summer, which means it’s already time to start thinking about heading back to school in the fall. Our newest School Style Guide features a collection of looks for schools, teams and their biggest fans. Showing off School Spirit Organized by popular school and campus groups, the School Style Guide showcases trend-right decoration … Continued

Elevate Your Business Through the Power of Presentations

June 12, 2018

Let’s be honest about something: nobody enjoys a cold call. There are even some who have declared the cold call dead. While those reports are somewhat exaggerated, we do agree that there’s a lot more you can do to capture your potential customers than plod through a list of phone numbers with a canned sales … Continued

Leggings for Active Lifestyles

June 6, 2018

Americans are interested in fitness more than ever. Strength and wellness are incredibly important parts of a healthy, balanced life and nearly 60 million Americans belong to gyms. Regardless of age, we are shifting what it means to be active and physically fit. With this shift comes a change in how we view athletic apparel. … Continued

Eye Spy SanMar: Fun Fashion From Our Seattle Headquarters

May 29, 2018

Every day she walks into the office, our resident Trend Maven Vicki Ostrom sees people sporting SanMar apparel in fun and interesting ways. That’s why we started a semi-regular feature over on our Instagram account called #EyeSpySanMar. First up, we have Ray Hong. Ray is a project manager in our custom apparel department, and he’s … Continued

Capturing College and University Sales

May 22, 2018

From sweatshirts and tees, to bags and caps, today’s colleges and universities are always looking for trend-right apparel and accessories that will be a hit. An ASI Market Study that looked at education sales found that only 2% of distributors say it’s “Very Easy” to start selling to schools and 33% say it is “Somewhat … Continued