Be Your Customer’s Go-To for Golf Events

May 16, 2017

So you have a customer who wants to throw a charity golf tournament and is looking to you for outfitting options and, perhaps, a little guidance. No problem! Armed with the new 2017 Go-To Golf Guide, you can help set her up for success. This brochure makes it easy to shop for golf apparel, bags … Continued

The Power of Pop-Up Shops

May 9, 2017

According to Fortune, 51% of consumers make their shopping purchases online. For most of us, this statistic isn’t particularly surprising. It’s difficult to find people who don’t buy things online and we might even know those who only shop online. Some of us love the convenience of front-door delivery, while others appreciate being able to … Continued

Avoiding Scams in an Online Era

May 2, 2017

An unfortunate cost of online business is the risk of being scammed. From stolen credit card numbers to misleading email addresses to questionable shipping locations, opportunists can wreak havoc all through the ordering and delivery process. Below are some tips for avoiding scams: Pay attention to emails Misspellings and typos in emails are a red … Continued

Upping your T-Shirt Selling Game

April 25, 2017

T-shirts remain the most popular promotional item in America, with 58% of U.S. consumers owning at least one. They’re a favorite for those seeking the perfect keepsake from their travels, experiences and adventures. A decorated t-shirt helps tell a story about who a person is and what they enjoy doing. It’s a great option for … Continued

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose Old Tees

April 18, 2017

Old textiles, including everything from t-shirts and socks to curtains and towels, account for a significant portion of space in today’s landfills. In honor of Earth Day, we’re taking a look at some fun ways to turn a favorite old tee into something new. T-Shirt Quilt If you’re like me, t-shirts are your favorite souvenirs … Continued

Trend Alert: Make Today’s Styles Your Own

April 11, 2017

It’s not about getting noticed – it’s about being yourself and celebrating who you are. Teens and Millennials are boldly leading the way, celebrating their individuality through what they wear and by being unapologetically themselves. Choose comfortable fabrics that suit your lifestyle, graphics that tell your story and add pins to wear your thoughts on your … Continued

Wrangling Your Social Strategy: Engaging Your Community

April 4, 2017

People flock to social networks for the same reasons they go to parties – to socialize, to network, to kill time or to be entertained. What’s the one thing all of these have in common? The people. Fostering a healthy online community is a cornerstone of social media success. Welcome back to Wrangling Your Social … Continued

Selling a T-Shirt by Telling a Story

March 28, 2017

My friend told me a story recently about a trip she took Montana. The sky was blue and seemed to last forever. The mountains were everything you expect as winter transitions to spring – the perfect mix of snow-capped glory and granite. The weather was brisk but the air was clean and refreshing. She lives … Continued