SanMar Brands: Port Authority

June 18, 2019

SanMar is committed to helping customers stay on top of trends and reach the demands of the market. Our brands allow us to “passionately serve the customer,” one of our core Family Values. Port Authority®, around since 1994, meets our customer’s needs with everything from office-ready styles to durable outerwear that can stand up to … Continued

The Power of Packaging

June 11, 2019

First impressions are everything. Whether you’re in a business meeting, at a backyard barbecue or deciding whether or not you want to watch that entire YouTube video, you make emotional decisions within the first few seconds of meeting a person. That same logic applies to product packaging. When you send the results of all your … Continued

Get in Style for School Sales

June 3, 2019

School’s out for summer, and students are beyond ready for a few months of fun in the sun. In the world of promotional apparel, however, there’s no better time to start preparing to go back to school. With over 76 million students in the United States, there’s plenty of opportunity to be found in this … Continued

SanMar Family Values: Do the Right Thing

May 28, 2019

Nobody ever said that doing the right thing is easy. More often than not, it means making a bigger effort, giving up something important or taking responsibility. We do these things because, even if they’re harder in the moment, they’re worth it in the end. Which is why Do the Right Thing is one of … Continued

Red House: Sophisticated and Timeless

May 21, 2019

Achieving a polished, sophisticated uniforming look has never been easier thanks to the timeless button-down looks found in Red House. For years it has established itself as a go-to brand for style that elevates the appearance of any team. Red House also understands that your workday can quickly turn from calm to busy and, thankfully, … Continued

Mentorship: Why It’s Important and How To Get Started

May 14, 2019

Mentorship isn’t just for students and interns. We work in a fast-paced, relationship-driven industry, and there’s no better way to expand your connections and learn about the latest trends, techniques and fabrications than by becoming a mentor or a mentee. Yes, the benefits go both ways! You can learn just as much as your protege … Continued

Meet Anna, a SanMar Product Development Manager

May 7, 2019

There are those who think that a t-shirt is a t-shirt is a t-shirt. Anna Leos definitely has something to say about that. “There are a lot of things you don’t realize go into the end garment,” Anna explains. “We’ve thought about every single thing; we’ve thought about the fabric, the color, the stitching, the … Continued

SanMar Family Values: Make a Difference

April 30, 2019

Here at SanMar, our Family Values are at the heart of everything we do. We understand that we have the exciting opportunity to have a positive impact on the communities in which we are involved. This is why Making a Difference is one of our core values and drives many of our decisions. SanMar strives … Continued