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Tags (or the lack thereof)

To tag, or not to tag? Learn why you might want to keep a tag on a piece of apparel, or why it might be better to remove it.

Sweatshirt Fleece

The sweatshirt – a mainstay of any modern American wardrobe. Discover some of the sweatshirt’s history and learn how and where it’s worn today.


Call it a sweater, a pullover or a cardigan – learn all about these popular mid-layer apparel options.

Two-Way Zippers

Why does a zipper sometimes go two ways? Learn how a two-way zipper can be functional or a fashion statement.

Space Dye

Learn what space dye is, and how it’s used to add depth and visual texture to apparel, caps and bags.

Performance Fleece

Discover the features of performance fleece outerwear, and how companies and schools are using it for their apparel needs.


Insulation is the key to how your jacket or coat keeps you warm in cold weather. Learn more about the different types of insulation used in modern outerwear.

Dry Zone

Discover how Dry Zone technology enhances the moisture-wicking features of many shirts made by SanMar.