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Decoration Tips and Trends

Join us as SanMar decoration guru Jason Murphy shares some of the latest decoration trends, techniques and tips with product experts Holly Rox and Brandon Kerr.

Retail Merchandising Guide

There’s more to promoting your business then setting up a table with some shirts and water bottles. A market showcase that captures the experience of what you do will inspire your customers to tell your story for you.

How-To: Display Signage

Signs can be used to highlight and reinforce a specific brand, to attract attention to a particular display or to educate your customer. The effective use of signage in your display space should do all of these things at once, and will lead to improved sales for you.

2019 Gift Giving Guide

Explore our curated gift collection featuring styles from Nike, New Era, OGIO and Eddie Bauer. Each gift will celebrate or thank those who appreciate sporting a logo alongside a well-known brand.

Apparel Categories

Join us for a quick rundown of the different broad categories of apparel, from t-shirts to wovens to accessories and everything in between.

Outerwear Navigator

Find your way to the right fabrics and features for your outdoor endeavors. Available in two versions: Including selections from The North Face Not including The North Face

Our Favorite 20 Fall Arrivals

Join SanMar’s product enthusiasts Holly Rox and Brandon Kerr, as they share their 20 favorite new fall styles to help expand your business. From new outerwear options to trend-right uniforming for everyone in the workplace, these products deliver delightful variety for all your customers.

Promotional Apparel Market Overview

The promotional apparel market is an exciting industry to be a part of, but with so many options, where do you start? Learn about the different markets and what you can expect from each one.

Promotional Apparel Markets: Business Uniforming

What you wear to work has shifted to allow for more individuality and personality than ever before. Learn how you can create a unified office experience that lets employees personalize their individual styles.