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Selling to Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z

Join product gurus Holly Rox and Brandon Kerr as they discuss how to sell to different generations, from Gen X to Millennials to the up-and-coming Gen Z. You’ll learn about what motivates each generation, what makes them unique and which trends appeal to them most.

Creating a Planogram

Learn how to create a planogram so when designing your space you can create a great shopping experience for your customer.

Printing on Patterns

Jason Murphy, Strategic Account Manager with SanMar’s Decorator Relations Team, shares some of today’s trending decoration styles on patterned fabrications.

Fashion Basics in a Millennial Market

Sales expert Sierra Burge from Alternative Apparel and SanMar U’s product expert Holly Rox provide insights and answer your questions about how and what to sell in today’s Millennial market.

Brand Overview

Watch this video to learn about the different brands SanMar has to offer. We’ll identify the three categories of brands as well as the industries they fall within.

Identifying Customers’ Needs

Watch this video to help determine customer’s needs. We’ll help you identify questions to ask customers in order to narrow down their needs.

Popular Apparel Categories: Wovens

Watch this video to learn about a popular apparel category, wovens. We’ll help you understand the difference’s in wovens as well as industries wovens would fit in.

The Story of SanMar

Watch this video to learn the story of SanMar. We’ll help you understand what makes us unique and leader in the industry.