Time to Get a New Perspective

June 5, 2019

Our perspective as consumers is changing as we see almost every product we buy through the lens of a digital device first.Video is being filmed vertically on our phones for shows that are between two and five minutes long. We take images of everything from above, whether it is from 12 feet or 12 inches, and post those images on our favorite social media platforms.

We’ve seen artists pushing the boundaries of these visual perspectives for a while now, as they look at the world in new ways. A “drones-eye-view” is now a common viewpoint. The Amazon series, Homecoming, utilizes this perspective to film certain scenes which is very unusual when filming a dramatic scene. Short-form vertical format video is being explored and may be the way to capture the attention of the Gen Z audience who, according to some reports, watch up to 70 videos per day.

Things are moving fast. Awareness of what the product will look like when photographed lying flat and when viewed from above, are now considered in the development stage of product design.

Finally, you know you are in a new era when even books are being redesigned. This cell-phone-sized new book shape is called a dwarslinger.It is made to be held in one hand when you are reading – with the very thin pages that you flip up with your thumb. I’ve tried it, and you know what? IT’S AWESOME!

dwarslinger - tiny books you can read in the palm of your hand

Try some new things today and look at the world with a new perspective. It’s time.