The ABCs of Selling to Schools

June 20, 2017

Students around the country are enjoying the dog days of summer, which for many in our industry, means now is the perfect time to start thinking about back-to-school selling. We’re here to help with our handy School Selling Report, sharing the ABCs of working with schools, teams and their biggest fans.

Go to the head of the class with students and parents

Did you know there are more than 50 million students in public schools in America? Many of those students are involved in clubs, sports, groups and organizations that use t-shirts to show their connection and affiliation. Parents also like sharing that their child is on the soccer team, in the band, an honor club student or a part of one of many other school clubs. Expand your school selling strategy by targeting these audiences with shirts, caps, bags and accessories in primary and complementary school colors.

Make the grade on campus

College campuses also offer a host of options for generating sales. From lounging in the dorm in school colors, to showing off team pride on campus, college students are regularly found rocking their logoed apparel. Our School Selling Report features inspirational ideas for target a variety of college groups as well as tips for setting up your own creative display to spark sales.

Check out our latest resource guide, the School Selling Reportor grab your own copy to score an A+ on school sales!