Adventures From Home

May 5, 2020

From mischievous kiddos to four-legged coworkers and surprising moments of joy, SanMar employees have adjusted to their new work routines in unique and exciting ways. We asked them to send us photos so we could share their stories with you.

Four-Legged Furry Coworkers

Four-Legged Furry Coworkers

More Furry Coworkers

Familial Interns

Familial Interns

Instagram versus Reality

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Oh Those Kids

Moments of Beauty and Joy

WFH Style

How We Care

Have you considered asking your coworkers and colleagues to share their stories with you? Connecting through photos, videos and stories like these are great ways to create a sense of togetherness and encourage team spirit even while socially distant.

Some Tips:

  • Ask direct questions to spur interesting answers, but try to avoid yes/no questions
  • Use JotForm, Google Forms or a similar online tool to collect the answers
  • If you plan to use the stories and photos on social media, be sure to ask for permission first
  • Be creative, be silly, or be heartfelt and honest, but most importantly, be yourself

Keep up with the further adventures of team SanMar on Instagram and Facebook, and share your own stories with us on our social media accounts.