Choosing the Right Bag for your Spring Break Adventure

February 28, 2018

Whether you’re hitting the slopes, heading to the beach or soaking up culture and history, all Spring Break travel plans have at least one thing in common: finding the right bag for all your gear. Fear not – we’re here to highlight the best bags for checking in, carrying on and tossing in the trunk for your next adventure.


Best for a Beach Trip        

If you’re heading to the beach, your primary needs are swimsuits for the day and casual resort wear for the evening. These are great to toss into a duffel bag, like the OGIO® Rage Duffel, that’s engineered to hold enough for days of travel. Stuffable, packable duffels are easy to tuck away in that great oceanfront condo and nice and light for traveling to that beachfront resort.

Bonus for the beach: a tote for carrying essentials like sunscreen, towels, sunglasses and more. We love the Port Authority® On-The-Go Tote.


Load up your Cold-Weather Gear

Heading out on a ski trip means bringing along the right gear to stay warm and dry. A sturdy rolling bag, like the Nike Elite Roller, is perfect for packing your long johns, coats, mittens and more. It’s an ideal travel companion, with inline skate wheels and specialized pockets for extended trips.

If you want to show off your team pride on the halfpipe or chair lift, we’re big fans of the New Era® Sideline Beanie, frequently spotted on pro football players and fans.


Easy for Globetrotters

If you’re like me, you want to cram as much sightseeing as possible into international trips. Which often means moving around frequently and schlepping your stuff from place-to-place several times during your vacation. A flexible bag that’s light enough to haul up and down stairs but nimble enough to navigate cobblestone streets and sidewalks, like the OGIO® Hamblin Wheeled Duffel, will ensure you make it to your next train and check everything off of your must-do list.



The goal of any vacation is to do exactly what you set your mind to – whether that’s reading and relaxing on the beach, shredding fresh powder or exploring the wonders of the world. Having the right bag to carry your travel essentials makes it easy to do just that. Bon Voyage!