Create a Retail Experience to Remember

October 8, 2019

A merchandise shop is more than just a way to sell stuff.

A successful retail merch shop should capture the experience a retailer has crafted for their customers and extend it into the world outside. It should inspire those same customers to become influencers, reliving the experience they had and promoting it for others to see for themselves.

Sounds amazing, right? But you might be wondering how exactly that works. SanMar’s Retail Merchandising Guide offers some helpful tips and suggestions that should set you and your customers on the right path.

The guide addresses four different retail experiences, and includes display ideas and apparel suggestions for each.

In each of these markets, unique display ideas come together with enticing combinations of promotional apparel and hard goods to tell a story, and to inspire customers to join in the telling of it – to add to it and to share it with others.

A retail merchandise shop is much more than just a way to sell stuff. Done well, it can be a creative way to take part in the time-honored tradition of shared storytelling, with the story of an experience spreading from one to many, and bringing those who hear it back to experience it for themselves.

Download the SanMar Retail Merchandising Guide today, and get inspired to help your customers share their stories.

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