Getting to Know Generation Z

January 29, 2019

There’s a new generation entering the work force with new values that will influence the work place and apparel trends. Born between the mid-1990s and 2010, Generation Z currently makes up a quarter of the U.S. population, and by 2020 that will grow to one-third. They influence nearly $44 billion in discretionary spending every year, and they don’t know a world without smartphones, Google or social media.

For many in Generation Z, authenticity and transparency from companies matter to them, as does earning their success in life with good grades, good schools and hard work.

Their preferred style trends include streetwear looks with cool trainers, individuality and personalization, and inclusive, gender-neutral looks. Members of this generation want to be a part of the conversation with marketing and they are cause-based buyers who don’t hesitate to find answers about any purchasing questions they have online.

As the oldest members of Generation Z enter the workforce it presents a chance to welcome a new crew of workers to the team with the office and uniforming styles they’ll want to wear. We’re pleased to offer so many styles that span generations and can fit into a corporate office, regardless of age.

Take a classic piece, our Port Authority Denim Jacket. While it may not be our newest style, it’s a great example of a product that transcends generations and can be customized for everyone from Boomers to Generation Z. Pairing well with a woven, a tee, a hoodie or a polo, it’s the perfect uniforming piece with more flexibility than meets the eye.

For your clients looking to outfit a multi-generational office – and most offices today are multi-generational – it’s important to think about how different styles can go together to create a cohesive look versus outfitting everyone in matchy-matchy styles, regardless of gender, age, preference, etc. Our goal is to help you do just that, with styles that go beyond basic and offer customization and flexibility for every body.