Let the Music Move You

March 12, 2019

Do you remember your first concert? What about your first concert t-shirt? Do you still have it? Chances are that if you don’t you wish you did. Concert tees aren’t just pieces of promotional swag. They’re ways of celebrating our love for a particular musical artist, true, but they’re more than that. For those of us who love live music and the concert experience, a t-shirt is a way of solidifying the memory of a very particular moment in our lives.

The concert tee isn’t just a t-shirt. It’s a snapshot of who we were at one perfect moment in time.

And as spring arrives and the temperatures rise, millions of people around the country will flock to outdoor concerts and music festivals like Summerfest, the largest festival in the United States. Summerfest showcases over 1000 performances and more than 800,000 attendees during the course of 11 days.

But you don’t have to host the next Lollapalooza to make an impact. Local festivals can be just as memorable and just as in need of merchandise to help people encapsulate their summertime memories.

Tanks and t-shirts are obvious choices when you’re outfitting a festival merch table, but don’t be afraid to think outside the apparel box. Just make sure the products match the situation. Outdoor festivals really aren’t the time for heavy outerwear, but fleece hoodies can keep you warm during the cooler springtime nights, and they look great when paired with a retro denim jacket.

Be aware of the trends too: rich colors, textured fabrics and bold prints will all be hot this spring. When selling to festivals and concerts, think about how to incorporate these styling details into your products.

From Woodstock to Coachella or the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the spring and summer months are a time for outdoor concerts and all the merch and memories that go with them.