Making a Difference and Giving Hope

October 22, 2019

You may have heard of a “runners high” or someone being “high on life,” but there’s also a very real feeling of euphoria that people get when they give of themselves, whether it’s a physical gift or even something less tangible like time or attention. It is called a Helper’s High and there is actual science to back it up. Simply put: It just feels good to give.

Last month helping out and giving to our communities was part of our two-week charitable giving campaign for SanMar’s A Canvas for Good initiative. All told, SanMar’s Distribution Centers and Eastpointe Headquarters raised over $120,000 to donate to Virginia Mason Hospital’s Bailey-Boushay House in Seattle. The DCs and Eastpointe Headquarters found fun, creative, artistic and quite often delicious ways of giving.

“I am thankful to everyone who donated and participated in this year’s events and activities. This donation will surely make a difference in the lives of so many people in our community.”
– Jeremy Lott, President of SanMar –

A Canvas for Good
At SanMar a t-shirt is not just a t-shirt. It’s a canvas for good. Our products shape teams and unite communities. Through “A Canvas for Good” we invest in our people, our customers, our products, and our planet because it’s a part of who we are— and it’s the right thing to do. Business is personal to us. The people who work here all come with special stories they bring with them daily that shape their lives and work experiences. It is an honor to be if even a small part of the very fabric that makes up who they are.

Everyone is encouraged to submit their personal stories at Tell us about how our products are making a difference in your life. As we move forward, stories like this will be shared on our website and on our social media outlets as well. Continue the conversation on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.