SanMar Family Values: Deliver Quality

June 25, 2019

The idea of quality is a surprisingly tricky concept — it can mean different things to different people. For one person, a quality shirt might be soft and comfortable. For another, the measure of quality could be how well a shirt stands up under tough wear and tear. “Quality,” whether we’re talking about apparel or food or how one’s time is spent, is something everyone defines for themselves.

What, then, does it mean when we say we Deliver Quality? As one of our Family Values, the core principles of SanMar, this is one of the goals every SanMar employee works hard to attain.

Delivering quality is something that is unique to each situation, and each customer. And it all starts with listening — to deliver the quality our customers expect, we first listen to the problems they’re trying to solve.

Quality Fabric

Delivering quality can take shape in the fabric and construction of the apparel we provide. Your customer needs tough, durable shirts? We stress test fabrics to make sure that they’re snag-resistant. Stains are likely in your work environment? SanMar stains and wash-tests to provide apparel that stays looking crisp and professional. The people who will be wearing these shirts are sensitive to sunlight? SanMar provides apparel with UV Protection from UPF levels of 30 to 50.

No matter what the measure of quality is, SanMar goes out of its way to deliver it not only for our customer, but also for those who will be wearing our apparel.

Quality Interactions

Not everyone at SanMar works directly with our apparel, but they’re no less committed to delivering quality. For many at SanMar, quality is seen in how we interact with our customers, and being able to deliver on our promises.

For a credit manager, delivering quality means listening to our customers, understanding their situation and helping them reach their goals. For a brand manager, being open to feedback is key. Delivering quality might look more like understanding a customer’s passion for supporting sustainable products, and being able to invest in making changes that impact the environment in a positive way while maintaining the product quality SanMar is known for.

Quality. It’s a complicated concept, and everyone at SanMar delivers it in their own way. What we all have in common is that we all listen, and we all care about the end result. The path between one and the other is unique for everyone, but there’s one more point in common: at the end of the day, when you can honestly say that you’ve delivered quality, that’s a good day’s work.

Like all of our SanMar Family Values, delivering quality is something that anyone can (and should) do. How do you bring this principle to life in your business? We’d love to hear your story – share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.