Super Trends in Decoration 2020

January 28, 2020

There was once an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable decoration techniques. To see if they would work when we needed them most, to impress our customers with things they’d never seen before.

True believers, it’s that time again. Come with us and discover the latest and greatest apparel decoration trends, just in time to prepare you for the challenges of the year to come. These up-and-coming techniques will make an unforgettable impression anywhere they’re seen.

Hybrid TransferCutting-edge know-how and old-school wisdom come together in a Hybrid Transfer. This is an eco-friendly technique that blends digital print and screen print technology to create full-color logos with no outlines or borders.

Laser-Etched Leather
The power of light leads the way into adventure, with a Laser-Etched Leather patch. Focused lasers burn away thin layers of material to create a tonal decoration – it’s fun to watch and the results are unforgettable.

Dye SublimationAdd full-color photorealistic images on an end-to-end surface or in small spot areas with Dye Sublimation, a special type of transfer that uses superheated ink to penetrate fabric fibers. Bonus: The Port Authority® Sublimation Beach Towel and Rally Towel are made with this kind of decoration in mind.

Looking for more? Our 2020 Guide to Decoration Techniques includes 10 astonishing approaches you can use to electrify your embellishments this year. Our recent webcast, Decoration Tips and Trends, brings you even more ideas about trending techniques, and keep an eye on our new Deco Talk blog for regular updates on decoration trends as they develop.

Stay tuned. When it comes to experimenting with new decoration techniques, we could do this all day.

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