Super Trends in Decoration

October 23, 2018

Look, up on the shelf! It’s a bird! It’s a brand!

It’s the latest trends in apparel decoration!

As a decorator, you know that the customer is the hero of a story you’re telling together. The techniques you use are the tools in your toolbelt that will conquer the forces of bland apparel. Allow us to introduce you to a few new ideas that will become fast favorites for both you and your customers.

Molded Metallic
Rise above the crowd with a molded metallic or textured heat transfer. The decoration will be the star of the show with a raised texture and a shiny finish.

Make a lasting impression with an oversized print by combining unique placement and large sizing for a big impact.

Simulated Stitch
Skip the stitching and use screen printing, heat transfer or laser etching to create a simulated stitch decoration faster than a speeding bullet.

Mix it up by combining multiple techniques into a single design. A layered presentation creates a unique and distinctive final decoration.

These are just a few of the powers you can have at your fingertips. Flip through our new guide to decoration techniques and you’ll find nine sensational skills you can use to supercharge your style in the coming year. Watch our recent webcast, Decoration Tips and Trends, for even more in-depth info from our decoration gurus about new techniques that elevate your skills to superhero status. If you have questions, or even some ideas of your own, the SanMar Decorator Relations team is here to help!

Use this knowledge wisely, and you’ll be in the right position to save the day.

To 2019…and beyond.