Trend Alert: Happy Hero

September 25, 2018

If there’s one trend out there in the apparel world we should all be excited to see, it is the current trend of optimism. Positivity is replacing doom and gloom in the graphics and decorations we are seeing around today.

Brands and customers alike all want to feel as if they are contributing to a greater good. Brands in particular are using hope as a way to connect directly with customers.

The everyday super hero is being emphasized through empowering graphics and important messages. Individuals want to be able to showcase their own particular “superpower” via unique and empowering decorations.

Bright colors are often seen on apparel these days, with logos designed to pop both in the retail market as well as on social media such as Instagram.

It’s not enough to merely be a hero these days…people want to see happy heroes! To soar into increased sales, check out The Style Network today.

Trend Alert - Happy Hero