Trending Decorations from the PPAI Expo

January 24, 2017

Earlier this month at the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, SanMar U broadcast its webcasts live from the show floor. We shared new products and trending patterns, but more than that, we heard from decoration experts about what is trending in decoration. Here’s what we learned!

This thick and chunky decoration material gives your look trend-right dimension. Use it on hats and apparel. It is easy to work with and is great for sports markets and lifestyle brands.

All-Over Printing
An alternative to sublimation, this technique works great on cotton. Layer an all-over printed tee over a long-sleeve hoodie for an urban look that gives multiple options for decoration.

Use this velvet-type material to give products a felted, retro feel. This decoration blends well with a ring-spun fabric and is now softer and easier to work with than in years past. It’s a great option for all-over patterns like Mineral Freeze. Another option is Dimensional Flock – a 3-D, heat-applied technique that gives a raised texture and a felted feel.

Metallic Alloy
Consider using this reflective, mirrored decoration technique for lifestyle products and markets. It’s thin and moves with the fabric, so is ideal for items meant for more active pursuits.

Iridescent Glaze
Translucent and iridescent, this decoration trend is soft, stretchable and is meant to match the evolving performance fabrics on the market. In different light and against different fabrics, the decoration even seems to change color.

This classic decoration technique takes on a new life when applied to heathered fabrics. On an all-over pattern like Mineral Freeze, the distressed decoration can really make colors from the pattern pop.

Watch our webcasts on-demand to get the complete scoop.You can find all of them on our SanMar U webcast page.

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