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Bags & Packs Navigator

Find your way to the right bags and packs in this easy-to-explore curated collection. Available in two versions: Including selections from The North Face® Not including The North Face®

Headwear Navigator

Find your way to the right headwear in this easy-to-explore curated collection of hats and caps.

UPS Worker Negotiations: A Q&A With John Janson

Ongoing negotiations between UPS and their workers’ union have many wondering if a strike will occur, and if so, how they can best prepare for it. John Janson, VP of Global Logistics at SanMar, offers his perspective and advice in an insightful conversation with Brandon Kerr.

Volunteer Knitwear: Proudly American Made

SanMar has been working with Volunteer Knitwear, an apparel manufacturer in Tennessee, since 2018. Join us as we explore how Volunteer Knitwear’s roots still inform what they do today, with a little bit of the American dream sewn into every garment.

Social Media For Everyone

SanMar’s Brianna Soley and Tara Wingo join Holly Rox for a conversation about focusing on the social channels that make the most sense for your business, and how you can make them work for you.

Let’s Get Gifting: The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays approaching, SanMar has a new guide highlighting the best gifts for everyone on your customers’ lists. Holly Rox and Robin George discuss how to download and customize your guide and showcase a sample of the apparel you’ll find there.

Producing Custom Frocket Tees (from JERZEES)

Learn how Trinity Apparel in Florida produces a custom “Frocket Tee” by taking a basic t-shirt and adding a customized front pocket with a cool printed design in this video from our friends at JERZEES.