Decoration 101

Decorating Face Coverings

Create unique decorations on face masks, gaiters and bandanas with these spec sheets and best practices.


The traditional process of sewing a design or fabric directly to a garment or accessory.

Screen Printing

An imprinting method in which the image is transferred to the fabric. Ink is squeegeed through a stenciled screen stretched over a frame and then cured in a dryer.

Heat Transfers

The technique of decorating on fabric by printing a design on specialty paper and then transferring it onto fabric with heat and pressure.

Direct to Garment (DTG)

A method where water-based ink colorants are printed onto fabric after a bonding pre-treatment. Heat is used to cure the ink.


The process where a new dimension is created by applying heat and pressure to a 3-D mold to create an impression.

Laser Etching

Also called Laser Cutting – a technology that uses a laser to cut or sheer away fabric with the help of a motion control system.


A printing process that uses extreme heat and pressure to bond designs into fabric.

Pad Printing

Also called tampography, pad printing transfers an image onto an object one color at a time by applying a solvent-based ink with a silicone pad.

UV Printing

A method of ink jet printing direct to a garment or hard good. You use specialized inks that cure after printing with a UV light that follows the print head.

For success with any decoration method, make sure you have the correct art formatted for the process chosen. Always consult with your decorator and test the decoration on the fabric prior to committing to a project with your customer. For any specific information about SanMar products please contact