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Tips from our experts

  • Using puff requires the decorator to get directly behind the layer being debossed. Depending upon the garment’s construction, fabric liners may be an obstacle.
  • Polyester, leather and pleather fabrics can be decorated with or without puff. The advantage of not using puff is that there is no backing material behind the design. This is often preferred on high-end polyester garments. The image will not have the same contrast relief as images done with puff.

Embossing Puff

Puff is a foam backing similar to embroidery pellon. It gives a debossed logo a raised appearance and much greater contrast. Cotton, fleece and polar fleece fabrics require puff. Without it the image on these fabrics gradually relaxes and fades away. Like embroidery pellon, the excess puff backing is trimmed close to the design but will remain with the garment. Decoration sample by Two Fish Apparel.


Debossing uses a metal-engraved die along with a combination of time, temperature and pressure to create a design that will not fade or wash away. A debossed design is made when a logo is pressed into the fabric, creating an impression. This method works well on cotton, polyester, leather, pleather, fleece and polar fleece fabrics. It is a high-end look and an alternative to traditional decorating techniques. Decoration sample by Two Fish Apparel.