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Tips from our experts

  • All fabrics with a solid surface can be embroidered. Just be sure to use the correct digitized file design, backing and needle selection for the specific fabric and product.
  • Logo size is critical when deciding your decoration placement. Consult with your decorator to make sure you have the proper specialty equipment frames.

Direct Embroidery

Secure an apparel piece in an embroidery hoop or clamp for direct stitching a design through the fabric. It is the most common type of embroidery for most types of apparel and industries. Great for corporate apparel, sports teams, fashion and workwear. Decoration sample by Hawkins Lettering.


Utilize a pre-cut piece of fabric and stitch down the edges with a satin stitch to add dimension, texture and patterns. It is terrific for reducing stitch count. Great for use in collegiate, fraternity/sorority, fanwear, team sports and fashion. Decoration sample by Hirsch Solution Studio.

Distressed Applique

Utilize a pre-cut piece of fabric that is designed to wear and fray to give it a distressed look. Generally these fabrics are stitched down with a running stitch, leaving the edge unsewn and allowing distressing to occur. This look is very retail and fashion-forward. Great for use in fraternity/sorority, fanwear, fashion and fashion tees. Decoration sample by Hirsch Solution Studio.

Reverse Applique

A piece of fabric is sewn to the inside of a garment and then the desired shape is cut out of the apparel, revealing the fabric below. This is generally done with a laser system attached to the embroidery machine, allowing the apparel to be hooped with the desired fabric on the bottom. The design is sewn and then the laser cuts out the shape before stitching around it. These designs can be finished with a satin stitch or finished with a running stitch to create a vintage or distressed look. Great for use in fraternity/sorority, fanwear, fashion and fashion tees. Decoration sample by Hirsch Solution Studio.

Tackle Twill

The application of polyester or cotton twill, felt or leather using a zig zag or running stitch to sew individual shapes or letters permanently in place on the garment. Generally these are heat sealed after sewing to permanently secure them to the apparel. Tackle twill is a great way to customize team uniforms with a team logo, names and numbers or mascots and for corporate logos on sweatshirts, sports jerseys, varsity jackets or other pieces of outerwear. Decoration sample by Hirsch Solution Studio.

3D (Puffy Foam)

Sew over a piece of foam ranging in thickness from 2mm to 6mm to create a 3-dimensional stitch. Great for monograms, sports logos or just for adding a cool 3-dimensional element to an existing logo. It is very popular for head wear. Decoration sample by Embroidery Unlimited.


Requires a specialized chenille sewing machine to create its unique, raised and tufted design. Generally used for varsity jackets, patches and fashion. This type of embroidery generally uses a wool, cotton, rayon or silk yarn for a soft velvety hand. Fun Fact: Chenille is the French word for caterpillar whose fur the yarn is supposed to resemble. Decoration sample by Hirsch Solution Studio.


Requires a specialized attachment to an embroidery machine that sews down shiny metal or plastic colored disks to create a unique layered look. This type of decoration is generally found in high fashion and dress markets. Decoration sample by Hirsch Solution Studio.