Bags & Packs Navigator

Find your way to the right bags and packs in this easy-to-explore curated collection. Available in two versions: Including selections from The North Face® Not including The North Face®

Headwear Navigator

Find your way to the right headwear in this easy-to-explore curated collection of hats and caps.

SanMar U 2021 Calendar

Don’t miss out on the weekly Fabric Blog or any of the other educational content we’re making for you on SanMar U.

Best Practices for Virtual Tradeshows

We all love to get together in person, but there’s no way around it – virtual tradeshows are here to stay. Whether a show is hosted in a completely digital environment or incorporates both virtual and real-world elements, here’s a few tips to help you attend or exhibit at an event remotely.

2020 Gift Giving Guide

Explore the top trends of the holiday season in our 2020 Gift Giving Guide. Mood boosters encourage happiness and optimism, gifts with a purpose dominate wish lists, and tailored styles with soft touches offer the perfect mix of elegant comfort.

How To Connect With Customers

From first contact to an established business relationship, each time you meet with a customer is a chance to form a stronger connection with them. Make the most of each opportunity by being flexible and accommodating to each customer’s needs.

Work-From-Home Coloring Book

Has all this time at home got you looking for something to do? Color your heart out with our downloadable coloring book – perfect for kids and kids-at-heart looking to add a little color into the day.

How-To: Making the Most of the Space You Have

When it’s time to present product to a customer, the space you have to work with defines the kind of presentation you can accomplish. From an expansive showroom floor to a tiny closet in your home, a successful presentation will adapt naturally to the space you have available.



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