What is a Woven?

Learn more about the structure and uses of woven shirts, and when they’re the right choice for your customer.

Rib Knit and Self Fabric Collars

Polo shirts mainly use two types of collars: rib knit collars, or self-fabric collars. Learn about the difference between them in the look and feel of the shirt when it’s worn.


When sweat happens, odor is often soon to follow. Learn about the odor-fighting features available that can help prevent odor before it becomes a problem.

Non-Iron vs. Easy Care

Learn about non-iron and easy care shirts, which will help keep the apparel your customers wear wrinkle-free – no ironing required.

Nailhead Fabric

Find out what nailhead fabric looks like, where you’ll most likely find it, and when to recommend it to your customers.

UV Protection

Some garments block harmful ultraviolet rays better than others, with both color and construction affecting the UV protection a piece of apparel provides. Learn about what features to look for when looking for apparel for sun-sensitive customers.

Cotton/Polyester Blends

As much as we love cotton, there are times when a cotton/polyester blend can improve on the appearance and performance of a garment. Find out what different blends can do for you and your customers.



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