SanMar Family Values: Be Nice

February 26, 2019

Sometimes the simplest thing can make the biggest impact. Here at SanMar, we understand this. Whether you have the perfect waterproof jacket to keep you dry in a storm or you find an ultra-comfortable tee that really makes a logo pop, even the most basic wardrobe essential can turn an entire day around.

The very foundation of SanMar company culture is built upon this concept: that the simplest thing can make a world of difference. And it starts with being nice.

For many of us, this simple—yet powerful—concept of remembering to be nice is first introduced to us back in early childhood. Children are often encouraged to share, to cooperate, to think of others, and to please be nice. However, somewhere along the road to adulthood, this vital skill isn’t always celebrated in the same light.

But SanMar refuses to lose sight of this early life lesson. Instead, it is woven into the very fabric of our daily lives. And it starts with our leadership team, who put the SanMar Family Values into action each and every day. As Melissa Castillo in Marketing points out, “It really comes from the top down; people are really nice here.”

From our Customer Service members who always remember to have a smile on their face when answering the phone to Distribution Center employees who make each other’s safety a top priority, we all make a daily effort to be nice.

What’s exciting about this basic tenet is how it often has a ripple effect. “Being nice — it’s not something we just say, it’s what we really do and it’s contagious,” says Angie Monasmith in Merchandising. When someone is nice to you, it can turn your entire day around. The simplest act of kindness can, and does, lead to success for SanMar each and every day.

As Owner and CEO Marty Lott says, “Life is so much easier when you are around people who are nice.”

We couldn’t agree more.