Getting Back to Workwear

April 15, 2021

Looking for a little boost in sales? Workwear uniforms are worthy of a concentrated effort. Coming out of the pandemic, U.S. jobs increased by 379,000 in part due to returning service and restaurant workers. Now is a perfect time to focus on workwear that is decoration-friendly and that holds up to the demands and the rigors of the workplace.

As the workforce slowly creeps back to work, opportunities for new and updated uniforms will certainly be on the rise. Blending the latest trends in decoration with one the latest workwear-minded fabrics, like the SuperPro React, can give you the boost you are looking for.

Small businesses like salons, restaurants and others in the service industry have different needs for front of house, like waitstaff and management, than they do for the back of the house, like service staff. Combining SuperPro React apparel in men’s and ladies’ styles along with the coordinating polos and woven shirts can offer plenty of styles to fit all of those needs. The added benefits of the shirts being stain-release, snag-resistant and decoration-friendly make this an excellent option.

The new SuperPro React lineup is classic uniforming, utilizing the modern stylings of polos and oxfords along with an Easy Care fabric that is also easy to decorate. This allows for a wide range of decoration possibilities and the ability to create and elevate a professional look. You can definitely deliver a look that exceeds your customer’s expectations.

SuperPro React Lineup

Logo placement is one way to elevate the style to be more on trend. Consider the primary angle that the garment will be viewed. For mechanics and maintenance, perhaps you try a full back or yoke placement. For kitchen staff, where only employees’ heads and shoulders are visible to customers, maybe try a collar placement.

After narrowing down your logo placement, choose your decoration. Embroidery is always a tried and true option for workwear decoration and it carries a certain perceived value. For full color options a digital transfer may be the ticket. The variety of digital transfers in multiple sizes and unlimited colors makes it a go-to choice.

Looking to add a new dimension? Try molded emblems. Molded PVC emblems like you’ll find at FlexSystems are an on-trend look and can create a modern styling. These can often be incorporated into zipper pulls, key chains, lanyards and other value-added accessories.

Leather PatchesNeed to add some retro flair? Try a distressed screenprint or a distressed heat transfer to complete the look.

Leather patches are another way to add rustic appeal or rugged décor. They are great for breweries, BBQ joints and more. These can elevate your design while eliminating stitch count or printing time. And a higher perceived value means higher profits.