Mobile Shelving: Finding Space By Creating It

June 9, 2022

Over the last couple years, a shift has occurred in ordering.

People stuck at home ordering for their own needs has dramatically changed the landscape of decoration orders. The trend of small orders is here to stay, and the reduction in size of orders has made its way through the entire distributor network. The disruption to supply chain has further reduced the size of orders arriving from individual warehouses.

Where Distribution Centers could once handle an entire order, now it takes two, three or more. These smaller shipments have stressed the shipping and receiving teams at both ends of the line, but more heavily on those trying to gather the needed pieces to complete orders and send to production. This has forced fundamental changes to the way we do business.

The need for staging has become paramount. With rent and real estate pricing on the rise, geographic upscaling may not be in the cards. The challenge now is how to create space when space just can’t be found?

A versatile solution might be a mobile shelving system from Denstor. A system like this can create space by reducing the need for aisles. Mobile shelving is completely customizable to fit existing spaces and has some key features and benefits that may change the way you think about shelving.

The idea behind the mobile shelving system is that by eliminating the need for aisles between every shelving unit, the space is utilized to add more shelf space. All shelves are built on a track that can be easily moved by hand to open up the needed aisleway, all done with little effort.

Shelving diagram

Space Savings
By eliminating the need for multiple aisles you can add up to 40% more shelf space in the same footprint.

Shelving unitShipping/Receiving
By adding shelf space this alleviate the issue of where to put orders while waiting on other pieces.

Staging/Kitting or Fulfillment
More space for your holding area to stage multi-part orders.

Bulk Storage
Daily use shop supplies like, inks, threads, bulk materials can be easily accessible.

Optional Accessories

  • Side walls to provide a secure locked storage area when compressed
  • Manual assist cranking for larger application
  • Heavy duty shelving if heavier load bearing is needed
  • Aisle/bay labeling system available

Kitting and on-demand order fulfillment are rising in popularity. These shelving units can be fitted with optional protective walls to enclose and provide a secure space for protected or allocated inventory when closed and locked.