Short Term Time Investments = Long Term Gains

July 29, 2020

Imagine someone giving you $100,000 in cash but the money must be spent on your company, and every second it is not put into play, you lose a dollar. How fast would you act!? Likely, really fast, right?

Now imagine the same concept but instead of money, the currency is TIME. Would you react as quickly? Would you have the same clarity and focus on what to do with it? Most would not equate the two scenarios in the same way. Perhaps it is time to re-think that perspective?

While we quantify time via the ticks on a wall clock or flashing digital lights that wake us up, it is not as easily processed and understood as money. In many ways, it is considerably much more valuable. If business has slowed down and it seems as if you are now rich with time, then the path is clear to make some vital investments.

Let’s review three short term time investments that will produce long term time gains.


As the modern era “face” of your company, this can be considered one of the most important aspects to either Build or Update. Imagine being a general store on Main Street during the early 1900s and not having a sign hanging in front. Nobody would know you are open and so business would simply walk right by. This is equivalent to not having a website in the 2000s. Now is the time to build or update your website to the modern look and feel that will be the neon light beaming to have more prospects take notice and engage.


Finding a system to help organize and manage your company is another vital differentiator in modern business. While it might be impossible to find the “perfect” system, prioritize your needs and wants to help locate something that will make the strongest impact. Once decided, the up-front time it takes to implement will afford a treasure trove of gold efficiency nuggets for the future.


Believe it or not, your employees may not all wake up with the same focus and passion for your company as you have. One of the most overlooked time investments that owners struggle with is their team. Create a plan for ongoing training or even cross-training to help empower them and set them up for success. As this enrichment settles in, you will notice dramatic improvement in their effectiveness and create many more passionate providers. Another bonus will be with retention, as happy people will show their love and loyalty through longevity.

Time can be the great equalizer and is often the thing we complain about never having enough of. When we do, it seems to slip through our fingers faster than we can close a fist. When business slows down, it is a natural human response to allow your head to fall down and long for better days. However, if you adjust your perspective, you can look at these changes as opportunities to invest this time wealth into gains for the future.

What are you doing with your $100,000 in Time credits?