Six Hidden Gems at

November 10, 2020

The landscape of the business world is changing and the virtual business world is now mainstream. Everything from digital catalogs, online meetings and even virtual samples are reigning supreme. If you are like me, you’ve spent your years developing your business and all too often ignoring or skimming the virtual tools offered by others to help get ahead and stand out from your competition.

The world moves a little slower right now but it won’t stay this way forever. As supply chains are disrupted and we deal with inventory shortages and freight delays, we may find ourselves with some forced downtime that can be used to your advantage. Steal back that time and revisit these six tools at and SanMar U that can help boost both your real world and virtual selling games. There’s bound to be something useful and these tools are just the beginning.

SanMar U
The key to your success lies here. From just getting started to product and decoration education, SanMar U is with you every step of the way and should be a regular stop on your path to even greater success.

Virtual Business Tool Kit
We’ve created a one-stop-shop for learning how to thrive in this new business environment. We happily share tips about:

  • Working from home
  • Communicating with customers
  • Utilizing social media
  • Giving virtual presentations
  • Finding selling tools

Selling Occasions
Certain industries are booming and here you can download targeted marketing pieces to help you make a splash in those thriving markets.

The Style Network
Stay ahead of the pack by tapping into the power of our almost clairvoyant trend analyst, Vicki Ostrom. She provides you with tips and tools to keep you in touch with current fashion and color trends.

Stay Connected
Update your email preferences to be sure you are getting email communications from those who can offer you helpful virtual tools, like SanMar. If you have unsubscribed, ask to be put back on their updates and announcements.

Put Us to Work
Put our SanMar team to work for you. With virtual presentations becoming more and more standard by the day, pro teams can really help put your SanMar partnership to work for you. Tips are available for choosing the right presentation, lighting your display space to permanent and mobile displays.

The vast experience from all of our experts is our investment in helping you succeed. Make it a habit to make SanMar your go-to resource. Working together we can help keep your business growing and ahead of the competition.