Transitional Outerwear: Ready For Anything

September 21, 2021

Transitional outerwear styles bring together ultimate functionality with adaptability and ease, with a wide range of water- and wind-resistance as well as warmth. Learn more about the different layers and features you should look for to be ready for anything.

Essentials For Essential Workers

September 14, 2021

If you’re wondering how you can support those who get out there every day to keep our world moving forward, a simple and heartfelt “thank you” is always a good place to start. Helping them stay safe and healthy while they’re on the job with a few essential items can also show your ongoing respect and appreciation for our essential workers.

SanMar Tips: Six Ways to Get Ready For Peak Season

September 7, 2021

What can you do when when demand is high and supply is tight? SanMar experts from our Sales and Decorator and Digital Solutions teams give you a few ideas for setting yourself up for success during your busiest time of the year.

Gearing Up For the School Year

August 31, 2021

School is in session and you may be feeling a little like Ferris Bueller: “How can I possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this?” Prepare for the school year with gear for students, teachers and staff to make sure everyone is ready for class days.

Supply Chain Strain

August 24, 2021

The process of getting the products we buy from one place to another was once so efficient that it was almost invisible. These days it helps to know what the pain points at each step of the process are so you can set the right expectations and do your part to help get back to normal.

SanMar Profiles: One Person With Many Hats

August 10, 2021

In her ten years at SanMar, Marissa Holman has developed a new career, formed meaningful relationships with both her colleagues and customers and started a family with her best friend. Her SanMar story features her secret superpower: listening.

8 Ways to Wear a Gaiter

August 3, 2021

Think the country’s ease in mask mandates mean a decreased demand for gaiters? We don’t. As a headband, helmet liner, beanie and more, there’s so much more to these shapeshifters than face value.

SanMar Tips: Plan For Your Holidays Now

July 26, 2021

We approach the 2021 holiday season with a couple pieces of advice: plan ahead and order early. Find out how to make sure the supply you have available will meet the demands of the upcoming holidays.

Hit The Trail: Top 5 Adventure-Bound Essentials

July 20, 2021

Gear-storing, hands-liberating and water-repelling. These wardrobe wonders do everything but hold you back.