The Latest Decoration Techniques

November 3, 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s time to catch up with our Decorator and Digital Solutions team to see what decoration techniques have been keeping them busy lately. These up-and-coming techniques are making a big splash and catching customers’ attention everywhere. One of the trending techniques that has had the biggest impact … Continued

Sales Tips From the Professionals

October 29, 2020

When things get weird, the pros get creative. And things don’t get much weirder than they have this year. At SanMar, getting creative means exploring new ways to communicate with colleagues, and to helping our customers solve their own set of challenges. Our salespeople have a few tips to share when it comes to engaging … Continued

Finding the Perfect Gift

October 21, 2020

This holiday season may look a little different than ones before. Whether you’re celebrating virtually, holding small gatherings, or otherwise redefining what “togetherness” looks like, one thing remains the same: it’s a time to make people feel appreciated. From co-workers to clients, customers or family members, finding the perfect gift can help make the season … Continued

Meet Holly Rox: Trainer Extraordinaire

October 14, 2020

For a modern woman, Holly Rox has some old-fashioned preferences. She likes paper documents more than digital ones, and when meeting someone for the first time, she’d rather that introduction be face-to-face. That being said, Holly has spent her 14 years at SanMar adapting to changing processes, products and technology to become someone that many … Continued

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month and More

October 6, 2020

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a lot of people take pride in showing their support for such an important cause. The color long-associated with this month is pink, and it’s common for individuals to want to show their support for the cause with pink tees, caps, accessories and more. Now, more than ever, … Continued

Meet Jorge Colindres: Analyzing the Americas

September 29, 2020

Jorge Colindres is no stranger to the apparel industry. In Honduras, where he is originally from, Jorge worked for different textile companies for over 10 years. Then his life was changed after a Diversity Visa for the United States that his wife applied for on his behalf — unbeknownst to him — came through. After … Continued

Sustainable Products for a Better World

September 22, 2020

Last week we spent some time examining the ways companies might fall into the tempting habits of Greenwashing, which means they may not be walking the walk as much as they are talking the talk when it comes to sustainability. While it might feel a little overwhelming to want to implement more sustainable practices, or … Continued

The Perils of Greenwashing

September 15, 2020

40 years ago, Kermit the Frog spoke the truth – it’s not easy being green. There are so many little choices we all make every day that add up to a massive, complicated picture of trying to be more conscious and respectful of the environment – trying to “be green.” And no, it’s not easy. … Continued

Wrangling Your Social Strategy: Finding Your Voice

September 8, 2020

World-class opera singers, best-selling authors and viral Twitter accounts all have one thing in common—a strong voice. It can take years to develop the creative muscles required to convey a proper tone or specific attitude via social media, but with a few tips and subtle tricks, you can find your voice and be well on … Continued

Twitter: Is That Still a Thing?

September 1, 2020

Welcome back to “Is That Still a Thing,” where we look at social networks and examine whether or not it’s worth investing our time and energy into growing an industry presence there. Today, we’re looking at Twitter. WHAT IS IT? Twitter is one of the most well-known micro-blogging platforms out there, and it created some … Continued