Welcome To Brand Central

January 11, 2024

Think about your favorite brands for a moment. What’s the first one that comes to mind?

For me, it’s Threadless. I’ve purchased from them regularly for many years. Their crowdsourced design philosophy speaks to my creative side, I can rely on a consistently high-quality product and their emails rarely fail to amuse me. They just get it right.

I bet you feel similarly way about the brand you thought of. There’s something about the brands you’re loyal to that resonates with who you are.

“The brands we choose to champion are an expression of our better selves… Attractiveness, attitude, achievements — these are a few things beloved brands help us see in ourselves.”

This is why SanMar chooses carefully when it comes to supplying the brands you know from retail. We’re proud to say that just about any brand enthusiast will find something they love on Brand Central.

All the best brands at Brand Central

Welcome to Brand Central

When you look at this collection of best-in-the-business brands, it’s not difficult to find someone who’s a fan of one or more of these names. When you see them all together, it becomes clear that there’s truly something here for everyone.

  • Brooks Brothers: The iconic apparel brand known for timeless simplicity and reliable quality.
  • Carhartt: Ready-made for the American worker, designed to outwork them all.
  • Cotopaxi: Colorful, one-of-a-kind bags and packs that are guaranteed to surprise.
  • Eddie Bauer: Encouraging outdoor exploration with a mission to “Live Your Adventure.”
  • New Era: A number-one headwear brand, also known for sport-oriented apparel and bags.
  • Nike: Inspiring athletes around the world with a message to “Just Do It.”
  • The North Face: Empowering people everywhere to test the limits of performance and possibility.
  • OGIO: Fusing modern design, performance and lifestyle into bags and apparel.
  • Russell Outdoors: A perfect fit for all things outdoors, including hunting, fishing, hiking and camping.
  • Spacecraft: Kick-back hat designs that live on the cutting edge of fashion.
  • Tommy Bahama: Inspiring customers to relax, enjoy the moment and embrace their best life.
  • TravisMathew: A premier lifestyle brand inspired by the culture of SoCal surf, sand and sun.

All the best brands at Brand Central

Our Brands, Ourselves

To give you a sense of how these brands might fit into the different personalities you see in your business, a few SanMar employees shared their favorite brands.

Holly Rox, Sales Trainer extraordinaire at SanMar, says that TravisMathew is her current favorite. “I love it when brands don’t take themselves too seriously but still outperform,” Holly says.”The fabrics are beautiful and very high-end!” She adds that the recent ad campaign featuring Chris Pratt doesn’t hurt either. In general, Holly looks for consistency, stability, quality and a good sense of humor in her favorite brands.

TravisMathew has another “major fan” in SanMar Strategic Account Manager Monty Mims, who likes the pattern designs, hand-feel and unique fabric makeup. He’s also recently fallen in love with the Liquid Death brand of “thirst-murdering” waters and drinks, for their “extremely unique and creative imagery and all-around vibe.”

Our Manager of Studio Operations, Charisse Kennedy, has always been drawn to REI for “depicting a lifestyle that appears outdoorsy and engaged with nature.” She’s “all in” with The North Face for similar reasons – a clear voice that constantly tells her to go outside, and a quality product that won’t need to be replaced in a year. “It’s less about the brands and more about the manner of living the brand reflects,” says Charisse.

All the best brands at Brand CentralThe North Face is also a favorite for Brandon Kerr, Video & E-Learning Supervisor at SanMar. “Over the past three or four years I’ve really gotten into hiking,” says Brandon. “I really enjoy having access to those important layers when I’m hiking my latest trail. Brandon also appreciates the Todd Snyder men’s apparel brand for how they mix classic elements with current trends.

Vicki Ostrom, futurist and trend whisperer, naturally pays a lot of attention to different brands, and she also has plenty of love for The North Face. “I respond to their imagery,” Vicki says, “both of nature and of people. The whole site feels inclusive and welcoming to me, like they get me and I get them.” When she looks elsewhere, she finds that she’s drawn to the brand expression of Mr. Porter. “Even though it’s men’s clothing, I resonate with this styling and try to emulate it. This is the aesthetic to which I aspire.”

When I think of one of the brands I love to see out in the world, Cotopaxi comes immediately to mind. Seeing someone wearing one of their bright and colorful bags or hip packs never fails to bring a smile to my face, and I know that they’re made in a way that respects the planet we share and the people who are making them.

Our brand stories say a lot about who we are and what we care about – even when people are drawn to the same brand, they appreciate it for different reasons.

This is why Brand Central exists. When it’s time to help a customer tell their story, understanding which brands they’re drawn to is an important step. Our best-in-the-business selection of favorites from the retail market is here to help.

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