The Hybrid Working Wardrobe

May 31, 2024

“The future of the office has arrived,” a recent Gallup article states, “and it is hybrid.”

“It’s unlikely that everyone will return to the office five days a week in the foreseeable future. It’s also unlikely that fully remote work will become the new normal.”

What this means in practice may vary from one organization to another, and can even depend on what a specific job entails. While some jobs require only one day a week in the office (or even less), others may be looking toward a more balanced schedule.

It should come as little surprise that many workers prefer the flexibility a hybrid schedule offers, with the vast majority of employees opting for some level of remote work when that choice is available to them.

For a provider of promotional apparel, this makes what we used to call “business uniforming” more complicated. Bringing a “work from anywhere” mindset together with a cohesive brand presentation is a new challenge in our industry.

This is exactly the idea behind The Working Wardrobe, our guide to apparel and accessories to keep teams united, recently updated for 2024.

This handy sales tool is divided into three sections, based on the broad type of organization your customers see themselves as, to help you work with them in defining the look they want to convey. Each section has plenty of choices to allow for the newfound sense of flexibility demanded in a hybrid office.

The Classic Working Wardrobe

Classic Styles

From banking to sales to government positions, there will always be a need for organizations to express professionalism and confidence through the clothes they’re wearing. But today we know that there’s no reason workers should be uncomfortable while looking their best.

The Classic Working Wardrobe includes traditional button-down shirts, comfy cardigans and sweaters, elegant outerwear and elevated bags, all chosen with a professional appearance and a flexible workplace in mind.

The Modern Working Wardrobe

Modern Styles

Modern organizations are often creating the new technology or tools we’ve come to rely on – cutting-edge telecommunications, game-changing software applications or new digital entertainment. To express their modern product trends, a unique, trend-right appearance is often the way to go when crafting a look for these customers.

The Modern Working Wardrobe offers polos, blouses, vests and wovens curated with an eye toward fashion and sophistication, to create a look that represents a focused team that’s united in purpose.

The Smart Casual Working Wardrobe

Smart Casual Styles

When you think of a “smart casual” organization, think of a team that’s always out there accomplishing great work together. This might include anything from a warehouse management team, a volunteer organization or a delivery service. The key here is to emphasize comfort and movement while expressing a cohesive look.

The Smart Casual Working Wardrobe include tees and polos as well as performance wovens and hoodies in a variety of colors, all chosen to enhance the comfort and flexibility for a team that’s always in motion.

When it comes to developing a unified look for a workforce in 2024, the key word to keep in mind is “hybrid.” Workers might be working from home or in the office. On any given day they might be out in the field or giving a client presentation – or both! When the work itself is flexible, what workers wear needs to adapt as well.

Our updated Working Wardrobe guide is here to help meet the needs of the hybrid office.