Fabric Blog:

Seeing the Full Spectrum – Meet Halleh, Color Guru

July 7, 2022

“What do you have without color?” asks Halleh Salami. It’s a question that you might find yourself thinking about a little differently after you learn about what she does. As a Colorist on SanMar’s Product Quality Assurance team, Halleh has a unique understanding of color and how it affects our lives and perceptions.

More Than Stuff: From Swag to Merch

April 29, 2022

Branded merch does more than get your logo out into the world – it’s a vehicle for telling your story in memorable, meaningful ways. A conversation with a few SanMar salespeople revealed that they have plenty to say about why the promotional products industry is shifting from swag to merch.

SanMar Profiles: All the Little Things

December 3, 2021

Dan joined the SanMar family in 1997, leading a team of five salespeople. When talking about his time here, he describes it as “24 years of bliss,” attributing that feeling to all the little things that make up the time he spent working and bonding with colleagues. The team he leaves is larger, but the feeling is the same: “It’s good to be us.”

SanMar Profiles: One Person With Many Hats

August 10, 2021

In her ten years at SanMar, Marissa Holman has developed a new career, formed meaningful relationships with both her colleagues and customers and started a family with her best friend. Her SanMar story features her secret superpower: listening.

Driving Change in Robbinsville

July 6, 2021

Meet Iraj, a Shift Manager at SanMar’s distribution center in Robbinsville, New Jersey. Even though he’s loved every job he’s ever held, it’s the people and the culture at SanMar that get him excited to come to work every day. “What you have at SanMar,” he says, “you don’t have anywhere else.”