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Active Altruism: Influencing Sustainability

November 17, 2021

Marketing, as they say, ain’t what it used to be. Influencer marketing has arrived, and it represents an unquestionable shift in the dynamics of brand power and message. “Exposure is no longer the preserve of the rich,” says Al Ramich, CEO of SmallGiants. “You can go viral (and therefore have influence) with no backing, no … Continued

Active Altriusm: Good For One, Better For All

October 14, 2021

It feels good to do good. From a solid workout that generates our own power to cleaning up our neighborhoods, we’re finding ways to make getting healthier bodies also contribute to a healthier world. See how the apparel you choose can support your goals for a healthier body and a better world.

Practical Magic: Utilitarian Glamour

September 20, 2021

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of something glamorous? Usually when we hear the word “glamour” we envision it in the modern sense — alluring, mysterious, maybe even romantic. There is another, more old-fashioned meaning where glamour is an enchantment — literally a magic spell. But when you think … Continued

Practical Magic: The New Tailored

August 18, 2021

“It’s still magic, even if you know how it’s done.” – Terry Pratchett – They say that a good magician never reveals how she does her tricks. But what we call “magic” is often just taking everyday objects and doing something surprising with them. A coin is nothing special until you make it disappear. A … Continued

Transformation: An Antidote to Boredom

July 13, 2021

This summer is not just a time of adventure. It’s also a time of transformation. Find out how we’re jolting ourselves out of a life on pause and bringing joy back into the picture as we explore the first aspect of our time of change. Purposeful Play is an idea incorporating both the adventures of summer and the preparations for returning to school and work scenarios.

In Healing Color

June 16, 2021

Healing is on everyone’s minds this summer. As we begin our recovery from a global pandemic, as the economy turns around and we venture out into the world after over a year of staying mostly inside, we can all use a little healing. Healing can take many forms. Reconnecting with people we’ve missed and finding … Continued

Adapt, Survive, Thrive

May 14, 2021

We often see nature as a wholesome and healing place. Somewhere we can seek refuge from the modern world and get away from it all. And that is true, but the natural world can also be harsh and brutal too. It’s a place where survival of the fittest reigns supreme, though I’d argue that the … Continued

Lifestyles of the Conscious Consumer

April 14, 2021

A couple weeks ago I spent some time attending the South by Southwest virtual conference. While of course I missed the vibe and in-person experience I was hoping for at SXSW (and the wonderful Austin restaurant scene!), I was amazed by how many more seminars I was able to attend thanks to how easy it … Continued

Connecting To Your Trend

March 10, 2021

Trends are defined by connections. A trend is not just an interesting data point. It’s not a graph in a media article or a whitepaper on some specific social movement. While we often get caught up in the statistics that explain trends, all that complicated info-wrangling doesn’t mean much without the connections we make to … Continued

Home is Where Your Yard Is

February 17, 2021

Can a home have four wheels instead of four walls? The Style Network explores the recent boom in campervan and RV living, and how Millennials are taking their show on the road in increasing numbers. From digital nomads to workampers, this is a trend that appeals to the adventurer in all of us.