What Is It With Prep Style Anyway?

February 21, 2023

“Is prep the ultimate trend or the denial of all that is trendy?” The answer to this question requires that we try to understand why we keep coming back to preppy style. Let’s take a closer look at how the familiarity, adaptability and detail-oriented nature of prep fashion keeps us engaged in what we choose to wear.

Prep Style: Welcome to the Club House

January 19, 2023

Prep style is making a serious comeback, but it looks a little different than it used to. Now everyone is a welcome member of the Club House and is free to explore what preppy looks like for them. Let’s explore Dark Academia, Tenniscore and New Prep, just a few of the preppy variations that each take the look in their own unique direction.

Our Perspective Changed, Our Lives Reimagined

December 21, 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we’re starting to see things a little differently. The last couple years have brought about a change in perspective and a reimagining of what is important in life. With that in mind, here’s a preview of the trends we’ll be seeing in 2023.

The New Real: Workleisure and Power Casual

November 29, 2022

About two years ago we had a lot of questions about what the future held. Alongside important issues like public health and maintaining a strong economy there was another, more everyday question in the air: will we ever wear real clothes again? Things have changed a bit since then. The urgency of the pandemic has … Continued

Finding Balance For Untethered Workers

October 26, 2022

As the workplace becomes more flexible, employees are still enjoying remote work and the opportunities it opens up for them. Say hello to the “untethered worker” – workers who are less hindered by staying close to “the office” and are taking advantage of travel plans and living arrangements more freely. When employees can work from anywhere, how do you still make them feel like they’re part of a team?

Desperately Seeking Balance

September 23, 2022

Our relationship with work has never been more complicated, and what we choose to wear to work reflects this complexity. As companies seek to bring workers back into the office, it helps to consider why employees want to work and provide apparel that meets them where they are. The Style Network takes a closer look at the different motivations for employees and what they might want to wear if they’re coming back into the office.

Rebalancing Wardrobes: Inspiring Awe and Delight

August 12, 2022

What is ecotherapy, and what does it have to do with apparel trends? When it comes to rebalancing our wardrobes…everything! Find out how trying to be intentional with our experiences in the great outdoors means making sure what we wear is up to the task.

Gifting For the Generations

July 22, 2022

Let’s take a look at gift-giving in 2022. A gift that will be used and remembered fondly is one that shows that you understand the person you’re giving it to. While there’s no one-size-fits-all philosophy, it can be useful to look at different generations, and get to know their motivations and the things they care about.

Rebalancing Wardrobes

June 28, 2022

If you’ve ever watched a Sumo match, there’s a word they use when the wrestlers need some encouragement.The gyōji (a Sumo referee) will call out “Hakkeyoi!” in the ring, meaning “Put some spirit into it!” I’ve recently had the chance to present in front of real live people again and although it feels great to … Continued

Newtopia: The Connections We Share

May 19, 2022

The last two years have been a true test of our ability to connect – to the world, to our work, to one another and even to ourselves. In that time we’ve found new methods to make and maintain those connections. Let’s look back at the last few months and see where some of those things we’ve been talking about connect to each other, and where we go from here.