Connecting To Athletics and Shared Movement

February 27, 2024

With women wielding more athletic prowess and more economic power than ever before, we take a closer look at how to make sure women feel included in sports, athletics and shared movement. Investing in the kind of gear women need to accomplish their athletic and team goals isn’t just a statement of female power and skill, it’s also great business for you.

Connecting To Clubbing Again

January 29, 2024

How can we feed our need to be social and active when nightclubs are a less available option? In 2024, we adapt by redefining what “clubbing” can look like when it’s not on a dance floor. Let’s take a closer look at how the growing trends of clubs for running, rowing, rollerskating and other activities can mean excellent opportunities for you and your business.

2024 Trend Preview: Connecting the Dots

December 28, 2023

Looking ahead to what 2024 will bring, we’re connecting our emotions to the products we buy and connecting the dots to paint a picture of next year’s trends. Get an early look at how the joy of movement, the strength of heroes and the power of the future will all connect to define what we’ll be wearing.

How To Make Your Style the Hero

November 29, 2023

Heroes are often helpers, assisting us physically, emotionally, socially or spiritually. This applies to our actions, but it can also define the clothes we choose to wear – those everyday hero styles what we just can’t live without. Let’s take a closer look at how these core staples can mean big business.

How To Get a New Perspective

October 19, 2023

Is a concert t-shirt a souvenir from a memorable experience, or can it be a piece of clothing that will be used long beyond that experience? When we think about promotional apparel, both perspectives are valid. See how an evolving perspective on what makes something a customer will consider worth buying often comes from considerations of ease of use, functionality and sustainability.

How To Live In Color

October 3, 2023

Our summer of ‘Barbie’ reminded us about the importance of the color pink, providing a much-needed spark of joy not just on the screen, but in our wardrobes. How we use color creates a chromatic feast for the eyes, feeds our spirit and expresses who we are, but not everyone will respond to the same colors the same way. Take a closer look at different approaches to color and the effect it can have: bold and playful, or muted and meditative.

How To Engage Your Senses

August 28, 2023

Autumn is a season for all the senses, from the experiences we choose to the clothes we wear. Explore with us how sensorial design in clothing forges a deeper bond that goes beyond function, color and price — one that is more likely to last.

How To Get Back On the Road

July 26, 2023

With many travel restrictions lifting this year, most Americans are traveling at least as much as they did last year, and nearly half of them will actually be getting out there even more than before. With travel once again on everyone’s mind, let’s explore some of the ways people travel and how you can help prepare them for the trip.

The “How-To” Design Report

June 30, 2023

Our latest trend report is all about choices, a reflection on the idea that the choices we make paint a picture of who we are today. Over the next few months we’ll explore this idea further, giving you insider information on how to make good product choices for yourself and your customers that reflect both the trends we’re seeing and how they apply to you.

Make Downtime, Breathe Easy

May 24, 2023

Sometime in the last three years we’ve learned that the more our work lives and home lives have blended, the more intentional we have to be about our downtime. Getting the rest you need is less likely to “just happen,” now you have to mean it. Let’s explore a few ideas and see how we can help make rest a reality for ourselves and for those around us.