Fall 2024 Trends: Rediscovering Wonder

July 3, 2024

When it comes to emotions that influence us, few are more powerful than a healthy sense of wonder.

Teacher and traveler Janine Evans describes wonder as being “overcome by the immensity” of something larger than ourselves. It can appear in our lives as a reaction to a beautiful piece of art or an unexpected burst of laughter, and it has the power to change our understanding of both the world and ourselves.

The Wonder Of GivingWhen I look at trends that are influencing us through the rest of 2024, I’m seeing wonder everywhere. Here’s a taste of the wonderful things we have to see and experience together as the year wraps up.

The Wonder of Giving

Just about everyone understands that the effect of giving well carries its own sense of wonder.

Gifts are often included in the celebration of a big milestone. But consider the minorstone: a recognition of “personal achievements and everyday joys.” This is a different kind of occasion worthy of a different kind of gift.

In a time of funflation spending, many are investing in experiences rather than things. This might include vacationers working on a vineyard or a dude ranch, volunteers offering their time and effort for an important cause or citizen scientists taking trips that expand their mind.

All these present opportunities to give a “wow” right now and give in to some joyful fun with unique gifts like these:

The Wonder of Shared Moments

The Wonder Of Shared MomentsJust like giving, everyone has a different take on the kinds of moments that inspire wonder, from loud celebrations of team spirit to quiet moments of simple awe.

Sports brings players and fans together in a powerful bond of healthy competition and shared movement. As we observed just a few months ago, the role of women in sports has been growing in both popularity and influence.

Since then, ESPN published a 96-page magazine featuring NCAA record-breaker Caitlyn Clark as “Basketball’s Best.” And just last month a report from Klarna and Sports Innovation Lab detailed the unmet opportunities worth about $4 billion in the women’s sports merch market.

Sporting events often try to turn up the volume to 11, but other moments are best enjoyed quietly, like these:

  • Reconnecting with natural spaces by finding moments of awe away from city lights, noise, and all things online. Cozy outdoor apparel for cold-weather travel makes it easier to enjoy these moments.
  • Recharging during simple ritual moments, like the daily commute or the comforts of home. These can be an antidote to hustle culture and burnout. Clothing that brings us comfort enhances this feeling.
  • Leaning into polished and professional looks for work, even when there’s a less structured office vibe. Dressing up for work has become special again in our new working wardrobe.

More Wonder Ahead

These are just a small sample of the glimmers of wonder you can add to any day. As we continue through the summer and into the fall of 2024, I hope you find plenty of reasons to rediscover all the wonders these ideas have to offer.