How To Make Your Style the Hero

November 29, 2023

“There’s little wonder why we have heroes. We need them to get us through this challenging experience called life. Heroes help us survive, and they help us thrive.”
— Scott Allison, Ph.D. – “Why We Need Heroes

It may seem obvious, with superheroes everywhere you look in popular media, but we love our heroes. That includes our big-screen favorites as well as the everyday heroes who make a difference in people’s lives all around us.

But what makes a hero? As Scott Allison says, heroes are often helpers – they can assist us physically, emotionally, socially or spiritually. Thinking about heroes can inspire us to be our best selves through what they do for us and for others. This works for the actions we take and the choices we make, but it can also apply to the clothes we wear. Stick with me here, I promise that will make sense in a minute.

When we talk about our fashion heroes, we’re not necessarily talking about a favorite designer or brand. This is about those hero styles what we just can’t live without. It’s that core piece that’s a staple of your day-to-day wardrobe — the shirt you might own in several different colors because you love how it feels, or that go-to vest you keep wearing because it goes with everything.

Just like in the TV and film industry, being a fashion hero means big business.

So when you get rid of all the secret-identity disguises, what does a hero style look like? That depends on who you are, of course. There are a few ways to approach our hero styles that adapt to what each person prioritizes in their wardrobe.

Classic and Effortless

Classic and Effortless

If you lean into a timeless look that’s easy for just about anyone to wear, classic silhouettes with an effortless ease about them are here to save the day. And it’s hard to think of a better brand that exemplifies this kind of iconic hero look than Brooks Brothers.

The new Merino wool sweaters, for example, feature classic Brooks Brothers styling in v-neck, 1/4-zip and cardigan silhouettes. Wool sweaters often require special care when it comes time to put them in the wash, but these are made to be machine-washable, adding a thoughtful detail for effortless everyday use.

Comfortable and Elevated

Comfortable and Elevated

We want to keep wearing what’s comfortable, but we also need core pieces that are elevated just enough to be just right to go back to the office. When that’s the kind of hero style you need, it’s pieces from TravisMathew and Mercer+Mettle to the rescue!

TravisMathew features pieces like the versatile Cold Bay Vest, representing a sport-forward look for active endeavors that fits right in at work too. Meanwhile, the Stretch Soft Shell Jacket and Long Sleeve Twill Overshirt from Mercer+Mettle seemed to come along at just the right time to fill this space with that elevated essentials vibe that everybody is looking for.

Iconic Styles Revisited

Iconic Styles Revisited

As we shift our wardrobe towards these hero styles, we don’t just want one of each. If I’m feeling like a long-sleeve tee works for me in place of a dress shirt, I might want that style in a tri-blend and a cotton fabric, or I might want to have several fabric weights for different uses. And of course, plenty of color options are a must for my true hero styles.

Denim shirts are a great example of this – a familiar look that’s recaptured our attention on shows like Yellowstone. The Perfect Denim Long Sleeve shirt, available in a Medium Wash or Dark Wash color, is the essence of this iconic look. The Carhartt Dog Chore Coat takes the instantly-recognizable rugged look and feel of Carhartt and reinvents it for our very best friend too.

Whether your hero style has you emphasizing a classic, effortless look or embodying the rugged spirit of independence, these are just a few ways that the clothing we choose can help us be our best selves. They might not leap tall buildings in a single bound, but they might make you feel like maybe – just maybe – you could if you tried.

Next month I’ll be giving you an early look at the trending topics we’re going to start diving into next year. No spoilers yet, but the hero styles we were just talking about will definitely have their role to play. I’m excited to share what’s next with you — see you then!