Did Video Kill the Screen Printer and Embroiderer?

September 30, 2020

Music videos, despite what you may have heard, did not kill the radio star. There was an obvious disruption, but the method for consuming music expanded to include internet-based streaming services…the music industry didn’t end. Instead, it grew. Similarly, today we are seeing a shift in marketing methods and consumer engagement within the decoration industry. The end user still cares about the ability to get their order and show off their design, but they want to know who they’re buying from and feel connected to the process. Digital media provides the method for this natural industry evolution.

The higher demand and increased expectations for videos are being driven not just by Gen Z but also by baby boomers and everyone in between. The added visual storytelling is compelling and can be powerful. The ability for an individual or organization to express themselves and tell a story is ultimately endless. Thanks to social media and the ability to tag individuals or utilize hashtags, we’re seeing an evolution where everyone is their own creator and steward.

For your business, we’ve tried to highlight some considerations for creating the kind of video content that end users are looking for from decorators. It can be as simple as firing up your smart phone camera and taking a video selfie.

What story are you trying to tell?
The best part of creating a video series is that you’re not trying to develop the perfect story in one shot. By utilizing shorter, targeted content you can quickly put together a series of clips and create a weekly marketing campaign that assists in regular consumer engagement. A couple examples of this could include:

  • An organizational “introduction” and overview of your facility
  • Unique decoration techniques and finishing services
  • A behind-the-curtain look at “How I Made This”
  • Print on-demand for speed-to-market programs and explain why it matters
  • Community engagement and the power beyond just a t-shirt

Who is your target audience and what are they looking to understand?
Oftentimes, consumers have standard questions that impact their experience with your business and the feedback loop after delivery. Create videos that answer your customer’s questions in short clips. Some examples of topics could include:

  • Product guidance and considerations based on customer’s questions.
  • What is ring spun cotton and why do I pay more for it?
  • I want a really soft shirt that doesn’t shrink. Would that be a tri-blend? What should I use?
  • How do I keep my decoration looking good after washing?
  • Current trends and methods to create retail-inspired designs
    o For example, are you offering leather patches, discharge printing or a digital squeegee?
  • Social responsibility (raw materials, sourcing/manufacturing, decoration, employee programs)
    o How do consumers see evidence of this conversation through your partnership?
  • Ability to set up their own online stores and run their own campaigns

As you start to produce these videos, we recommend keeping most of them undated and non-related to specific events so they can be timeless. These are less formal and keeping them conversational allows everyone to connect with them.

Don’t be afraid to share your videos with the world. These video clips can be uploaded onto Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms where people are used to and are actively watching this style of content. Add them to Vimeo or YouTube and include links to them on your website, in your emails and even in printed media. If you’ve already established a blog or vlog, these are great additions to or the start of new messaging.

Don’t forget that any questions or excitement from viewers on these videos is just another opportunity to develop a relationship with existing or new customers. Now, let’s get creating!