8 Ways to Wear a Gaiter

August 3, 2021

We could all use a refresher course in the 16 (yes 16) ways to wear these multi-purpose, all-weather-friendly shapeshifters. Lightweight and so easy to pack, their versatility makes them a mainstay for the modern wardrobe.

Cozy fleece gaiters lend warmth in the cold. Layer them around your neck to provide additional insulation under a looser-fitting scarf. As an impromptu winter cap, slip a gaiter over your head for a hood-like fit.

In hot climates, poly-knit gaiters protect from the elements as a sun guard and help to prevent hair and sweat from blocking vision when worn as a hair tie or headband.

Some of the following ways to wear come second nature; others take explaining. Feel free to get your gaiter in hand and follow along.

    Wear it as a headband

  1. Headband
    For a sporty look and an easy way to keep forehead sweat to a minimum, a headband is always a good idea when the heat is on.

    To wear so your logo is always visible: fold your gaiter first by reaching inside the tube and bringing one edge down to meet the other, wrong sides together.
    To wear more casual: just scrunch it up! Once you’ve reached your desired width, pull the gaiter on like a crown.

  2. Wear it as a hair band

  3. Wide Hair Band
    Accommodating short or long hair, this style is perfect for keeping it out of your face.

    To wear: start with the neck gaiter around your neck then push the front part back over your hair. Finish by pulling the tube up to meet your desired coverage.

  4. Wear it as a hood

  5. Hood
    Ideal as a single covering in cool temps, or as a way of insulating necklines under jackets, scarves, and other winter layers, gaiters provide a streamlined, almost air-tight fit.

    To wear: pull the fabric over your head and situate the bottom snugly around the bottom of the chin. Pull the upper portion up around your scalp, leaving your face uncovered.

  6. Wear it as a headband

  7. Balaclava
    For situations that required full coverage (think: food service and winter sports), a balaclava shields the hair, ears, mouth, and nose.

    To wear: beginning with the hood position, pull the material from under your chin and double it up. Pull the back over your nose to provide the perfect ski mask.

  8. Wear it as a beanie

  9. Beanie
    Way more fun than a flimsy hair net, a gaiter is ideal for any task from food prep to warehouse packing. For occupations that require a hard hat, the beanie serves as the perfect buffer between head and helmet.

    To Wear: turn the neck gaiter inside out and pull it completely over your head. Next, twist the sleeve twice and then fold back the right way round. Pull the rest of the material over your head and adjust accordingly for the beanie look.

  10. Wear it as a hair tie

  11. Hair Tie
    Easy peasy. Keeping long locks at bay in an impromptu ponytail takes little to no effort.

    To Wear: twist the gaiter a couple of times, pull your hair through, and repeat until your hair is held snug.

  12. Wear it as a sun guard

  13. Sun Guard
    Did you know that clothing is one of the most effective ways to guard yourself against sun damage? And unlike sunscreen, you don’t have to reapply this protection every few hours. Wearing a gaiter as a sun guard helps prevent painful sunburn on the back of the neck. This way works particularly well when layered with a brimmed baseball cap.

    To Wear: put it around your neck and pull the back up and over the back of your head.

  14. Wear it as a neck gaiter

  15. Neck Gaiter
    And last on our list, but not least, you can wear a gaiter as, you guessed it, a neck gaiter! Transform any tee or top into a turtleneck for added warmth in an instant.

    To Wear: simply requires pulling it over your head and leaving it loose around your neck.

Wear it like a pirateBonus! If you’ve got that swashbuckling feeling and your conversations are interrupted regularly by a guttural “Arrrr!” then you might need to wear your gaiter like a pirate bandana.

To Wear: start by turning the gaiter inside out and putting your arms through the tube from opposite directions. Grab opposite sides of the tube with each hand and pull your hands together to form a knot about a third of the way inside the tube. Finally, shape the larger opening for your head, put it on, and adjust the knotted small end for the back of your bandana. Now you’ve taken your first step toward a reputation on the high seas!