Create Pop-Up Excitement With Our Spacecraft Limited Edition Collection

November 17, 2022

Do you love getting in early on a trend? Go all FOMO when it comes to pop-up restaurants or collab merch drops? If so, you understand the lure of our new Spacecraft Headwear Limited Edition Collection. If not, check out why it’s time to jump in.

As SanMar VP of Marketing Shelley Williams puts it, “A limited edition brand adds freshness and gives customers something fun and new to talk about, with a sense of urgency and exclusiveness.” It’s your chance to experiment with a niche or cutting-edge brand, as well as gauge if excitement and demand are generated by exclusivity and quick-turn availability.

And consider this from Julie Odle, SanMar’s Director of Retail Brands: “Limited Edition brands help us put a finger on the pulse of what trends are taking off and what customers are immediately responding to.”

It’s this kind of strategic thinking that focused our attention on Spacecraft for a limited edition run.

Spacecraft Limited Edition Headwear

Wander, create, explore and wander some more.

That guiding idea for Spacecraft may sound kick-back, but their unique approach lands them on fashion’s cutting edge — you’ll see it in their beanies and caps in our Limited Edition Collection. “They know what’s on trend and they lead the way with unique designs. Once you start talking about Spacecraft, you may well find more of your employees and customers know about this brand than you thought,” says Shel Renning, SanMar Merchandising VP. “It’s playful and fun, with novelty that really differentiates it from other headwear.”

How can you use a Limited Edition opportunity like Spacecraft?

Start by strategizing one (or at the most two) key objectives for promoting a limited edition brand (i.e., how you want this effort to impact your sales, customer engagement and/or cachet):

  • See if the brand promotes urgency and add-on sales from your loyal customers
  • Gauge how new, niche or casual customers respond to an offering outside your regular assortment
  • Create buzz with this cool, desirable brand for your one-time event, gifting, rewards or a special occasion

Launch your Spacecraft order now

While we’ve acquired significant Spacecraft inventory for this opportunity, remember it is a Limited Edition collection – so snooze, and you may lose. Order your fave Spacecraft Headwear now before others snap it up.

And remember, you can check current inventory levels anytime to determine if a Limited Edition opportunity will meet your business needs. Just click the “Check Inventory and Pricing” button on any product’s detail page.