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October 25, 2022

What comes to mind when you hear “delayed gratification” and “instant gratification?”

Plenty of research and guidance favors employing self-control to achieve long term goals and happiness — i.e. choosing delayed gratification over easier but less rewarding options. Yet there are opportunities when spontaneity and flexibility offer fun, memorable moments. Every so often, an immediately rewarding experience can be the right move, too. For instance…

  • Shuffling your plans when an old friend hits town unexpectedly
  • Streaming a must-watch show the day each episode’s available (especially as a weekly event with friends)
  • And now, instant direct-to-garment (DTG) printing with PosiPrintTM DTG-Ready Tees

PosiPrint will immediately revolutionize your DTG printing

The District DTG-Ready Tee with PosiPrintFaster, cleaner and more cost-efficient, this innovative technology completely pre-treats the entire fabric of a tee so it arrives ready for optimal DTG printing. PosiPrint benefits include:

  • Eliminates your need to pre-treat or have pre-treatment machines
  • No pre-treatment stains or “rings”
  • Print anywhere on these tees: inside, outside, sleeves, front and back
  • Faster production — jump on those speed-to-market trends
  • Simpler and better on-demand printing at events
  • Decreased costs for labor and materials

Three iconic tees are PosiPrint DTG-ready today

Soft, comfortable and immediately ready to turn your ideas into ink, these tees are infused throughout with proprietary PosiPrint technology:


How do PosiPrint tees compare to other DTG-ready tees?

PosiPrint Comparison

No change in hand feel & minimal cost difference

You can’t see, feel or smell a difference when PosiPrint technology’s infused throughout a fabric. Instead, incredibly soft 100% cotton and tri-blend tees are created for accelerated decoration turnaround times — so people can celebrate their team, cause, message or event nearly immediately. Plus, PosiPrint DTG-ready tees are currently only $1 more at case price.

More PosiPrint styles are in the plans

You’ll find any of our current three tees a great option for discovering why PosiPrint is your best choice in DTG-ready products. Plus, additional styles infused with this exclusive technology are already in development.

Questions? Here’s who to contact:

The SanMar Decorator and Digital Solutions Team is ready to help you get going with PosiPrint technology or any other decoration-related questions. Email us at

Learn more about PosiPrint today, only from SanMar.