Elevating Fashion Basics to the Next Level

January 26, 2021

It’s not every day we get to introduce a new brand to the SanMar lineup. When we do, we want it to be something either brand new and exciting, or well-known and liked. Next LevelTM fits both descriptions. It’s a fresh offering that SanMar customers have been asking for, and it is an established and respected industry leader in fashion basics.

I’ve heard the name many times over the last few years, but I never actually had a Next LevelTM t-shirt until last Christmas. My new “I Want to Believe” tri-blend from Threadless (yes, I am still an X-Phile) has quickly become one of my favorite shirts, with a comfortable fit and a soft hand-feel that simply begs to be worn. I never really knew what the fuss was about, but now the truth is right there.

At launch, there are 17 different silhouettes and fabrications in our Next Level pieces, starting with four tri-blends like my wonderful X-Files shirt. There are unisex and women’s tri-blend tees, a 3/4-sleeve raglan tee, and a women’s tank top, all with that ridiculously luxurious hand feel.

We also have three 100% cotton tees — short sleeve and long sleeve unisex, and a Women’s Cotton Boyfriend Tee — as well as three Next LevelTM CVC Tees. What is CVC? Glad you asked. CVC stands for Chief Value Cotton, and it describes a cotton/poly blend with more cotton than polyester. In the case of these Next LevelTM shirts, that means they’re 60% cotton and 40% polyester, with a retail-inspired breathabililty and softness.

Next LevelTM brings some specialized collections to the table as well. The Festival Collection features a tank top, a scoop neck tee and a cropped tee made for women. The Beach Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie and Pullover Hoodie feature a cotton/poly blend fleece fabric with a relaxed look and a comfortable fit.

Round it out with the PCH Pullover Fleece Hoodie and a Poly/Cotton Unisex Tee available in 18 colors, and you can see that Next LevelTM has a lot to offer right out of the gate.

We’re really excited to make all these pieces available to you, with the reliable ordering ease you’ve come to expect from SanMar. If you get a chance to try on a Next LevelTM shirt for yourself, I’ve little doubt it will soon become one of your personal favorites.