Essentials For Essential Workers

September 14, 2021

Last year we developed a new vocabulary for how we talk about American workers. We all started using a new phrase: essential workers.

Most of these workers were doing the same work they were doing before. Prior to 2020, many of these jobs were considered disposable and easy to replace. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic we applauded them for their important work. Now that applause is fading, even though these frontline workers remain at risk.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, these workers are employed in a number of different industries, including health care, food and agriculture, emergency services, logistics and transportation. They include people you might see every day: nurses, road workers or bus drivers. Many people you almost never see are also included, among them farmers, warehouse workers and cleaning staff. These are the workers who kept things running as smoothly as possible while many of us sheltered at home, and they continue to do so.

WonderWink ScrubsThere are many ways to honor and support those who get out there every day to keep our world moving forward. A simple and heartfelt “thank you” is never a bad thing, but even better than that is helping them stay safe and healthy while they’re on the job. Here are a few essential items that can show your ongoing respect and appreciation for our essential workers.


Our health care workers are often the ones dealing most directly with illness, and scrubs have been the go-to choice for working doctors and nurses since the late 1970s. Scrubs are sanitary, easy to clean, and maintain a professional, easily identifiable look. The best scrubs allow for all-day comfort and free movement while working in any situation.

Keeping scrubs comfortable and versatile is pretty much the mission of WonderWink scrubs. Scrub tops, jackets, pants and caps are available in multiple styles and colors, a beautiful way to show your support for anyone working on the front lines of health care.

Masks and Face Coverings

We’ve all spent over a year trying on different masks and seeing what fits best when we have to venture into the world. What fits over the nose but doesn’t fog up your glasses? Which mask will stay hooked over your ears for more than an hour or so? For any worker who gets face-to-face with the public for several hours a day wearing a mask is a daily ritual, and that mask had better fit well and be comfortable.

This applies to drivers, grocery store clerks, restaurant workers, bank employees — anyone and everyone who works in a public-facing capacity. The good news for these workers is that we’ve been steadily expanding our array of face coverings — a choice of different fabrics and styles that’s sure to help any frontline worker feel more prepared and cared for.

Reflective gear

Reflective Gear

Workers in the industrial, construction and emergency services fields share a common concern: visibility. Being seen on the road or at the job site is a critical component of their safety and well-being. High-visibility apparel includes bright colors and built-in reflective features to improve worker safety while they do their important work.

The visibility levels workers need are highly dependent on the nature of their job. Is their work done during the day in a remote space, or are they working at night in a high-traffic area? This is why our selection of reflective and high-visibility apparel includes everything from simple shirts with bright colors to protective jackets that meet the highest level of visibility requirements.

It should be clear by now that the work done by our essential workers was never expendable. They have spent over a year maintaining and protecting our way of life, and they do it simply by doing the same job they do every day.

Providing the right gear shows these workers that we are all invested in keeping them protected and safe, just as they’ve been doing for us.