Extended Sizes Means Everyone Is Included

May 11, 2022

One of my favorite Disney movies is Lilo & Stitch. Apart from being laugh-out-loud hilarious from beginning to end, it also has a consistent theme of ohana: “Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind.”

The word “ohana” really does mean “family” in its native Hawai’ian, but it’s important to note that it’s not just referring to blood relations. Ohana is all about your chosen family, an all-inclusive group of relatives, friends, colleagues and more.

Extended Sizes - WovensIt’s in the spirit of ohana that SanMar developed the Extended Sizes collection — bringing together styles that are the right fit for everyone, so all your team members can feel included.

Inclusive sizing models have become more important for fashion in recent years, not just because it includes more people but also because it makes for better business. The market for extended sizing “is growing at twice the rate of total apparel sales,” according to Forbes, with Nordstrom, Old Navy and Target among the many brands incorporating inclusive sizing into their product offering.

As we think about promotional apparel, having options for everyone becomes even more important. Whether it’s a new team outfit or a merch drop launching a new brand, you don’t want anyone walking away from it feeling excluded or uncomfortable about what’s on offer.

Extended Sizes - PolosWith that in mind, we’ve created a curated collection of tall styles and sizing up to 10XL. It includes basic staples like tees and polos, as well as outerwear, safety gear, wovens and fleece. When you’re trying to include people of different body types and varying stylistic preferences, you’ll find this a fantastic place to start.

You also have options on how to explore this collection, with a convenient page online which will be updated with new styles as they’re introduced, and a downloadable look book with apparel categorized for easy browsing.

No matter who’s on your team, our Extended Sizes collection is here to help make sure that everyone is included and nobody gets left behind. Because even a chaotic (yet somehow adorable) alien deserves a chance to fit in.