Eye Spy SanMar: Fun Fashion From Our Seattle Headquarters

May 29, 2018

Every day she walks into the office, our resident Trend Maven Vicki Ostrom sees people sporting SanMar apparel in fun and interesting ways. That’s why we started a semi-regular feature over on our Instagram account called #EyeSpySanMar.

First up, we have Ray Hong. Ray is a project manager in our custom apparel department, and he’s wearing the Port Authority Four-Pocket Jacket and the Red House Tricolor Check Slim Fit Non-Iron Shirt. According to Ray, he loves, “the corporate cool look both items have.”EyeSpy SanMar - Ray Hong What does the Trend Maven have to say?

“Ray has some great things going on with this outfit he put together. His jacket bridges the worlds of outerwear and blazers, and he’s individualized his look with a grid patterned dress shirt. The striped socks and awesome shoes also hit that ‘sport hybrid’ trend.”

Next up is Hans Schuette, a Towsleys partner. Hans is wearing the District Made Mens Long Sleeve Washed Woven Shirt and The North Face ThermoBall Trekker Vest.EyeSpy SanMar - Hans Schuette

According to Hans, he loves to take this shirt with him when he travels because, “you can dress it up or down for any occasion. So versatile!”

Vicki says, “I love that Hans mentioned versatility because that is a big buzzword in all areas of design right now. Consumers are looking for items that bring smart function to every segment of their lives. These pieces are easy to layer and provide options for regulating his body temp. He can also wear them to a meeting or out to a social event and those two facts helped him to check the yes box when deciding what to buy.”

Last but certainly not least is Melissa Johns, one of our tradeshow project coordinators. Melissa is wearing the Port Authority Ladies Plaid Flannel Tunic, CornerStone Washed Duck Cloth Vest and Sport-Tek Ladies 7/8 Legging.EyeSpy SanMar - Melissa JohnsMelissa says, “A flannel shirt feels like home—warm and comfy. It always looks great with jeans or leggings. And I’m so glad we finally have leggings. I love the way they fit. Leggings are such a staple for women because of their range and comfort. If I’m wearing this to the office and working out after work, I just need to change my shoes and put on a t-shirt.”

Vicki will continue to track down the most interesting fashion choices as seen around our headquarters here in Seattle, but you can join in too. Just tag your SanMar apparel posts with #EyeSpySanMar and keep the conversation going.