Hit The Trail: Top 5 Adventure-Bound Essentials

July 20, 2021

So much of our world can be explored on foot — snow-dusted mountain tops, herds of migrating wildlife, rocky coastlines grooved by a pulsing tide. And North America is home to some of Earth’s most splendid hiking paths.

But as leisurely as this sounds, exploring wild grasslands and rock-laden trails makes for hard work, especially when it’s your occupation. Just think, even Lewis & Clark were technically on the clock back in 1804 as they carved their famous 3,700 mile-long trail. Then again, they weren’t equipped with the feather-weight fabrics and sun-blocking gear we currently have in stock.

Cotopaxi Luzon BackpackOur recent “Hit The Trail” online collection is curated with modern explorers, drillers, land surveyors, and travel guides at top of mind. Here are a few more bags and caps (and even a blanket!) your customers should present to every client in their contact list:

  1. Cotopaxi Luzon Backpack
    As one of the most sustainable brands in our offering, Cotopaxi is Climate Neutral Certified and makes excellent soft packs. And because adventure and surprises go hand-in-hand, each bag arrives in a unique mix of colors. Cotopaxi takes high-quality remnant fabric to create fresh new designs. The Luzon is a lightweight, do-everything daypack ideal for stuffing to brim and cinching close.

  2. Port Authority Photo Real Caps

  3. Port Authority® Photo Real Cap
    Inspired by the very real scapes and scenes of our mountains’ majesty, this line of Trucker Caps offers both fashion and function. The brim helps block the sun while the mesh lets heat and moisture escape. The collection’s photo-realistic images feature a beautiful pine grove for the logger, snow capped peaks for the ski instructor, and ocean waves for the surf coach.

  4. Nike Heritage Hip Pack

  5. Nike Heritage Hip Pack
    Belt bag, zippered pouch, fanny pack — whatever the name, we call this hip pack by Nike the most convenient storage add-on to any uniform. Store frequently-used essentials like phones, pens, face masks and protein bars all within easy reach, and keep toiletries, instruments, and camping gear well packed in your backpack for the long road ahead.

  6. Port Authority Value Fleece Blanket with Strap

  7. Port Authority® Value Fleece Blanket with Strap
    If you think hiking on a trail, whether on-the-job or “off-duty,” doesn’t require a break, think again. Take in the view, unpack your snacks, and rest easy on this lightweight fleece blanket. Camping overnight? Use it as an extra layer to keep you cozy when the sun sets. Hook the included straps to a carabiner or slide the handles through your pack’s belt for hands-free carrying.

  8. Port Authority Lifestyle Brim Hat

  9. Port Authority® Lifestyle Brim Hat
    When warding off high-altitude breezes and misty rains requires more from your hat, this adjustable chin-strap brimmed option is the perfect climbing companion. Lightweight and cool, the fabric is reinforced with UPF 30+ sun protection, a moisture-wicking sweatband, and a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish.

What are your go-to pieces when outfitting your client’s trailblazers and outdoor workers? Let us know and join the conversation on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.